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A Beautiful Boat

A Beautiful Boat

Endless Summer is a beautiful Sabre 48 Salon Express owned by our friends Pete and Rachel.  Pete has been a critical part of our “big” boating life as he was instrumental in the purchase of our previous boat, giving us a wealth of information about it while we were doing our research as they owned the same model.  Through that experience and the time that followed, a wonderful friendship was forged and they have been incredibly helpful as we expanded our cruising horizons.  He and Rachel have traveled the entirety of the ICW twelve times and have boated extensively between New England and Key West over the past twenty years.  Needless to say, they continue to be very generous with information when we’re considering an unfamiliar port or want to better understand how to look at weather in a particular area.  They are always ready to answer our questions which often happens while we’re underway.

Pete and Rachel are about to turn a new page in their lives and are selling this beautiful yacht which they customized extensively when they had her built a few years ago.  She’s simply stunning and we thought any of our readers who love looking at wonderful boats would enjoy seeing this video and her listing which has all of her specs and a terrific gallery of pictures.  Enjoy!


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  1. Thank you so much for passing along these pictures and information to your friends on the Adventures of OLOH blog. We have indeed enjoyed every minute on "Endless Summer", but like all things in life, it is time for a new chapter ... and perhaps a new boat?! Our best for continued safe and enjoyable travels! Pete & Rachel
  2. Our pleasure Pete! Endless Summer is wonderful to gawk at (and even better to own). We are very excited for whatever adventures lie ahead for you and Rachel. Cheers!

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