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Northbound ’19 – The Wrap Up

Northbound ’19 – The Wrap Up

After six months aboard, the OLOH Crew has been busy settling back into life on land.  The nice thing this year is that OLOH is back home in the northeast (last season she summered in Florida) so we’ll be able to tackle boat projects and enjoy some of the spectacular summer boating we enjoyed for so many years on our previous boats.

A lot of people have asked us what our favorite parts of this year’s adventure were.  For us, that usually means new places we discovered.  For the most part, we stayed at marinas in towns that were familiar to us because, at the end of the day, the trip was mostly about moving OLOH north as efficiently as possible while not rushing through it.  Most of the places where we have stayed in the past simply make the most sense in terms of distances and their ability to accommodate us.  That said, we had four new experiences that really stood out as highlights…

New Anchorage: While we had hoped to anchor out much more on this trip, we were enthralled by our one night on the hook under the Miami skyline, a first for us. Read all about it here.
New Southern Charm: The greatest pleasant surprise of the trip was the Sunbury Crab Company in South Carolina. Our exceptional first time there made it a place we look forward to returning to again and again. Read all about it here.
New Grass For Jasper: While we’ve stayed in Belhaven, NC before, discovering Belhaven Marina for the first time only strengthened our feeling that this is perhaps our favorite small town along the entire waterway. Read all about it here.
New Chesapeake Respite: Herrington Harbour South Marina in MD was the kind of a place we could have easily hung out at for several days had the weather and timing allowed.  It was our first time there and definitely not our last. Read all about it here.

Our visits with friends along the way are always among the highlights of any journey.  So great to see Captain Ed and Karen from Heart Mender in Marathon, Captain Steve and Claudia from Ranger in Palm Beach, Captain Pete and Rachel from Endless Summer in Cocoa, Gene, Michele, Alex, Rion and Brooke in Beaufort, SC, and Fast Jimi and Sarah from Baltimore in Baltimore.

Being able to travel through a bit of Florida with our dear friends on Miss Norma really enhanced our time at each of the stops we were able to share together.

While we have run OLOH for thousands of miles by ourselves (A.J., Tim and Jasper) we really appreciated the value of having crew aboard for some of this trip.  Captain Sean (along with girlfriend Liz for a few days), Captain Michele and Captain Scott (along with Admiral Marla who facilitated the drop-off/pickup) all added a tremendous amount to the trip during their time aboard.

Liz and Captain Sean in command of OLOH.
Captain Miss Michele is a boating rock star!
It is safe to say (he told us so) that Captain Scott was in his glory at OLOH’s helm.

We’re often asked by fellow cruisers about our stats from a trip like this.  It’s always interesting to compare notes or know what to expect if you’re planning a similar adventure.   When we were southbound we spread the same trip over three and a half months.  A.J. once helped a friend move their boat nearly the same distance over just eight days.  It all comes down to the ultimate purpose of the trip and how much time you would like to spend getting it done, always factoring in extra time for weather or other delays.  Here’s how our journey from Key West to New York’s Hudson Valley worked out this time around…

Total Days:  40

Travel Days:  27

Nights At Marinas: 38

Nights At Anchor:  1

Total Miles Traveled:  1885  (1637 nautical miles)

Average Daily Miles:  70  (61 nm)

Fuel Used:  2009 gallons

Average MPG:  .94 (for non-boaters, that’s considered very good, particularly for a sixty footer)

We’ll be dropping the lines again soon enough.  See you out there!


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  1. Wow. Awesome!!! I will be revisiting your trip many times on this blog. Thanks for doing an outstanding job with all your documentation!! Peace and Love....
  2. We always enjoy the journal of your adventures (and of course the food!) and look forward to reading more in the future ... especially since we are not likely to ply these waters ourselves anytime soon. Going forward, please consider us part of the OLOH virtual crew!

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