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Northbound 2019 – Preparing To Launch

Northbound 2019 – Preparing To Launch

Is it that time already?  Predictable as this next line may be, we’re saying it anyway: it’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly four months since we arrived in Key West and began our winter adventure in the Conch Republic!  Time flies when you’re hosting guests and hanging on sandbars.  Since our trip to the Marquesas a few weeks ago we’ve been busy with friends and family and enjoying our time at the incredible Stock Island Marina Village.  We’ve been giving OLOH’s new tender One Love plenty of use with as many harbor cruises, lunches-by-boat, and sunsets in the Atlantic that the weather would allow.  Wow, it can be windy in the Keys in the winter!  But as our last guests departed the melancholy set in as we ready OLOH for the long journey north and prepare to say our goodbyes to our dear Key West Family.  As Shakespeare penned in the loving words exchanged between Romeo and Juliet, “parting is such sweet sorrow.”  And for us that is true as well, the sadness of leaving is only balanced by the sweet thoughts of when we will see everyone again.

Here’s some of the fun we’ve been up to since our last post…

Lifting Love: Our new-to-us classic Boston Whaler, the One Love, has enabled such incredible memory-making during our stay in Key West. There was no way it wasn’t going to continue the adventure with us.
Chock It Up: The Admiral hard at work readying OLOH to carry its newest team member.  Look for a great write up of our new Versa Chocks, coming soon!
Southern Charm: Miss Michele took a well-deserved break from running the show at Port Royal Landing Marina in Beaufort, SC so the Clarks could soak in every moment during their time on OLOH.
Luck Of The Irish: St. Patty’s Day was a glorious day to be at our favorite sandbar where even Jasper was “in the drink.”
Smile, Smile, Smile: It’s always a laugh when one of Jasper’s favorite humans is around. Thanks for all the fun this season TK!
Green Flash?: We’re fairly certain that there’s nothing Jasper enjoys more than a sunset cruise on the One Love – One of the things we’ll miss the most.
Hiya!: It always feels more like home when family’s aboard.
We’ve Lost Track On Our Geiger Counter: Not sure how many times we hit the restaurant at Geiger Key Marina, one of our favorite places down here, but it was fun to return with the Miss Norma Crew and share it with Ohio family.
Best Friends: Jasper and his Grandpa could sit on the foredeck of OLOH all day long and that smile would never leave either of their faces.
That’s The Point: Miss Maggie capably takes the helm of General Patton’s historic sailing yacht, the When And If. How many miles to Cuba?
You Can Ring My Bell: Our dear Abbey was in town for work but carved out some overdue playtime on OLOH and we drank in every moment we had together.
Taking Paws: Jasper’s newest and youngest friend, the Notorious Ruth enjoyed some R&R on OLOH’s bridge. If you stare at the photo closely enough you can almost see her growing right before your eyes.
Chasing Painkillers: So great to spend time with the Chasing 80 Crew on their beautiful Chris Craft while they were in port (for too little time if you ask us). See you guys out there!
Proper Prescription: We’re always honored when the My Rx Crew can carve out the time to pay us a visit.
Well Worth The Wait: After a year and a half of trying to lure them south, the Cabo Waboat Crew was able to break away from the cold to join us for an exceptional few days.
Sweet Goodbye: A highlight of each day Jasper is at Stock Island Marina Village is his walk through the lobby of the Perry Hotel to see some of his very best Key West friends. Kimberly is one of the people that makes this place exceptional and Jasper knows it!
Training Day: With Miss Mel (left) off to new horizons, Jasper takes charge at the marina’s Ship’s Store and learns how to authorize pump seven.

So as you can see, no one will accuse us of not enjoying ourselves.  Now that all of that fun is out of the way, some heavier-than-usual provisioning has been done, all of OLOH’s fluids and filters have been changed, the bottom has been cleaned, fuel tanks have been topped off, safety equipment reviewed and float plans have been devised for the adventure that awaits.

As we often repeat on this blog, the worst thing you can have on a boat is a schedule.  That’s why we are allowing plenty of time for our trip up the east coast, ultimately returning to the Hudson River.  But our effective target is to get OLOH to Connecticut for Memorial Day Weekend for our nephew’s graduation.  After all – why stay in a hotel when you can bring your home with you?  At the rate we like to cruise (speed and hours per day) we estimate around twenty-seven travel days to cover approximately 1800 miles on our way to the Long Island Sound which can easily turn into five or even six weeks depending on weather and other unknowns.  While there are so many great places to stay and sight-see, our plan is to keep moving on every day that is considered a “fair weather” travel day with the exception of a few day’s stay in Fort Lauderdale for a couple of quick projects and an extra day here and there to visit with friends in ports along the way.

And so we say farewell but not for long to Stock Island Marina Village and all of the wonderful people we’ve been so fortunate to meet, to reconnect with and to spend some time together in the sun!

We’ll be keeping the blog updated during our journey and posting in real-time to our Instagram and Facebook pages while we travel.  We look forward to having you “virtually” along!

Please be sure to subscribe to our blog on the top right of this page to get notified when new content is posted.  And please leave any comments or questions below – we love to hear from you & know that you’re along for the ride!  You can also follow us on Twitter at @MYOLOH and for video from our adventures find us YouTube.   

And that concludes your OLOH instructions. M/Y OLOH back to 1-6.

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  1. Great pics!!! So happy all went so well in the Keys! Not sure when we will catch up, but we know we will see you in the Hudson River!! Fun and safe travels !!! Peace and love
  2. A friend of Pauly’s from Shady Harbor. We just got to Marathon yesterday. Enjoy your blog. Thinking about leaving boat south like you did last year, any suggestions or advice? By the way we are in a 50’ sailboat.
    1. Hey Ed - Great to hear from you! If you plan to leave the boat south you obviously want to find a good hurricane hole. We were in a relatively protected spot up the New River in Fort Lauderdale last year but even better would be a place like River Forest Yachting Center in Stuart. Please reach out to us by email and we'd be happy to share other thoughts. Where are you in Marathon?
  3. Sounds like we won’t see you in the Bahamas, too bad! Bluenose and Dusty Sea start our six weeks over there late April. Enjoy your trip north! Best, Peter 😎
    1. For us the saddest part of not going to the Bahamas this year is missing out on spending time with great friends there. But we'll be back and that time together will be even more sweet!
  4. Looks like a great winter season in the sun was had by all!!! Sorry to revel in the end of it, but we're just glad you're heading home, cause we miss our boys. All three of them!

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