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OLOH October Update

OLOH October Update

Ahoy and welcome to fall from the OLOH crew!  We’ve been enjoying our time in the northeast as OLOH continues her fading slumber.  We’ll be back on board before too long, ready for another exciting season, initially in south Florida and the Keys.  But our time away hasn’t meant we’ve been away from the water.  Big thanks to our dear friends from Cabo Waboat and Scholarship who have indulged us (Jasper included) in some great time cruising on the more northerly parts of the beautiful Hudson River.  Jasper even got to enjoy some time pontooning on Strawberry Fields, sharing the helm with Captain Pauly.

Northbound on the Hudson just about to pass under the Rip Van Winkle Bridge as seen from Miss Norma’s port side.  Earlier this summer we hitched a ride aboard Miss Norma on a short leg of their Great American Loop up to Donovan’s Shady Harbor Marina, one of our favorite ports.
Thanks to Miss Norma’s Captain Ramie for taking this great shot of OLOH’s Captain and First Dog. We really look forward to hanging with the Miss Norma Crew down south this winter!

This time last year OLOH was also up the Hudson as we prepared her for our great adventure which began on October 31.  If you’re new to the site, consider flashing back with us to that time by clicking here.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on developments with the devastating red tide which has now reached Florida’s east coast.  The loss of sea life has been staggering in addition to the wide ranging impact this toxic algae has had on the environment and so much more.  A comprehensive story about it can be found by clicking here.

We have obviously been very concerned about everyone affected by Hurricane Florence and have been keeping a close eye on the communities along the Intra Coastal Waterway that were impacted.  It will be a very different migration this year for boats heading south through the Carolinas with damaged marinas, shifting channels and the inevitable debris that lingers after a storm like this.

Because OLOH is already in Florida we will not have the challenge of the trip facing so many fellow boaters.  Our decision to leave OLOH in the south after our first year of cruising her was partly due to our decision to head over to the Bahamas in the spring.  We got back a bit later than originally anticipated and the Bahamas trip, while thrilling, was a lot of work.  Rather than endure the trip north only to turn around in a couple of months to return south, we decided to let OLOH rest in a well-protected “hurricane hole” in the Fort Lauderdale area under the careful watch of a close friend/yachting professional.  And resting doesn’t mean she’s being left alone.  Aside from regular walkthroughs and systems checks, OLOH has a diver keeping things clean below the waterline and an excellent team keeping her shiny up top, including a spectacular polish job that really brought out her mirror-like finish.

We’ve also been actively researching and coordinating the projects we’ll be taking on upon our return, some which will be tackled right away and some spread out over the course of the winter season.  Our top priority is the upgrade of OLOH’s stabilization system, a process which we’ll be documenting here on  We’re also heavily in the hunt for OLOH’s new tender and have had some great correspondence with some of the companies representing the brands we are interested in.  You can read about that process here.  At the end of October we look forward to hopefully making it to this year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, one of the biggest in the world.  It will be a great opportunity to hop on board the many tenders we’ve been researching and to check out other products and systems we’re interested in.  While there we also look forward to connecting with boaters and yachting pros we’ve met through this site and along the way in our travels.

More to come soon on other endeavors and our winter cruising plans.  If you’re thinking of heading to Key West this winter please let us know.  We’re in the early stages of planning for our first OLOH rendezvous and would love to see you there!

Please be sure to subscribe to the blog on the top right of this page to get notified when updates are posted.  And please leave any comments or questions below – we love to hear from you & know that you’re along for the ride!  You can also follow us on Twitter at @MYOLOH and for plenty more pictures and video find us on Instagram and YouTube.   Please like us & follow us on the M/Y OLOH Facebook Page as well.  And that concludes your OLOH instructions. 

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  1. Hudson River pictures are spectacular. I'm up at the house a few days a week - supervising a renovation. Lets connect!
  2. So happy we could get together a few times while you were North East. OLOH has a great shine and can't wait to see her again in person!!!! P&L
  3. Hi Guys I can only imagine how great OLOH looks, Paul and I should be heading south at the end of October. With any luck we can see her in person this winter. We will keep you posted and look forward to see you. Scott

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