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OLOH TV – Exodus From Key West

Our Long Farewell From Key West series brought you along for our journey, fraught with confusion and indecision as the coronavirus pandemic unfolded during our stay in Key West.  If you have missed any part of it you’ll find the entire story here.

This video takes you along for the final chapter.  Even when things aren’t as you had hoped, it’s always important to do your best to enjoy the ride…

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  1. Hi MY Oloh crew, this video is very well done. Looking back to late March and not knowing just what the future had in store was so scary. You guys captured the feel wonderfully. Hope you both are feeling good and doing great. Things are on the come back and the world as we knew it will be different. That being said America with all her troubles is still the best place in the World to live. All The Best T-n-T
    1. Hey T-n-T! Thanks for your kind words on the video. While things now are far from perfect, that felt like a much darker time with the pandemic, given how quickly things were changing and how much we didn't know. We were so happy to have connected with you in Key West before we had any idea of what was coming and we look forward to seeing you on the other side, whatever that may look like. -The OLOH Crew

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