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OLOH TV – Southbound ’19! Part 4

As you can read about here, our Southbound ’19 Adventure took us from the Hudson River in New York to Hilton Head, South Carolina.

This episode of OLOH TV covers our travel between the iconic ICW stop of Coinjock, North Carolina, and a new discovery for us in Hampstead, North Carolina.  Along the way we stop at one of our favorite ICW towns, Belhaven, where we drop into two fantastic restaurants to visit when making this journey.  Then it was off to our first time visiting the town of Oriental where we give you a taste of a really cool provisioning spot, all while the Captain’s Dad is along for the ride as our VIP Crew Member and expert “waver.”

We hope you enjoy cruising with us and please be sure to say hello in the comments section at the bottom of the page!

Full details on Coinjock to Belhaven here.

Full details on Belhaven to Oriental here.

Full details on Oriental to Hampstead here.


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This Post Has 4 Comments
  1. That was awesome! Made me homesick for Esmeralde and her pals doing the ICW. Love that fall trip southbound, love the cold am temps. Love Jasper’s bed hair. Love Dad. And do you really have Olohritas before hosing the boat down???
    1. Thanks Dorsey! That's just a few days before we met the likes of you fine people. And yes, OLOH-ritas on arrival and during the washdown, of course!
  2. Isn’t it crazy that heading south last fall we had no a care in the world. Who would have thought that by mid-March we would be in self-quarantine. Even more unbelievable is that we still are with no end in sight. Those were the good old days!!
    1. Trish - thanks for your note. It is crazy indeed. And still quite surreal. At the time of this post we still have no idea what the coming boating season will look like. Hard to believe the "good old days" were not all that long ago!

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