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Seas And Greetings And Making Plans

Seas and Greetings and Making Plans

We hope the holiday season finds you wherever you want to be and among people and creatures you want to be with most.  The OLOH crew has had a delightful stay in Hilton Head.  It has proven to be a terrific place to stay before we continue on with our cruising adventures which we look forward to doing after the new year begins.  We’ve done some exploring, knocked out some boat projects, decked the hulls for the marina’s holiday lights contest and we continue to enjoy wonderful times with friends and family.

It was on the suggestion of the M/V Miss Norma Crew (Ramie, Tim, and Ringo) that we decided to join them on Hilton Head Island and make it our end-of-the-year home. They’ve gotten to know the island well over their previous visits and it’s fantastic to have such wonderful friends as tour guides!
Beaching it: Jasper was so excited to get back into the ocean water and he ran like the wind chasing his ball on the beach where dogs can be off-leash!

All in the family: It was fantastic to have Jasper’s Grandma on board for a spell.  And yes, even at 90 lbs Jasper thinks he’s a lapdog. Fortunately, his Grandma can handle it and they had a great time together (as did the rest of the crew) during her visit.
Time to explore: We took advantage of a perfect weather day and decided to go to nearby Daufuskie Island with our band of merry boaters. We grabbed one of the marina’s pontoon boats and had a fun ride over, landing at a pretty spot in this very special place that we instantly felt connected to.
The only way to motor around the island is via golf cart, so we rented a six-seater and Jasper and Ringo snuggled in.
Daufuskie feels trapped in time, and we meandered randomly to scenic and historic spots, stopping to chat with locals and at times, resting for a spell.

As we worked our way back after a fun-filled afternoon, there was one stop we needed to make before leaving the island!
The Dafuskie Island Distillery may be small but they are mighty, distilling many delicious flavors of rum and vodka.
The beaches on the island are incredible and there wasn’t anyone around but us chickens!  Daufuskie is now on the list of our favorite places and we look forward to spending much more time there.
Holiday cheer: The Admiral conceived and created the prize-winning Santa’s Stable in Mrs. Claus’ Lowcountry Cove with the generous assistance of M/V Miss Norma’s Captain Ramie. What you might have a tough time seeing is that every window was covered with alternating red and green cellophane from the inside of the boat so at night there would be a subtle holiday glow.  It’s been fun to watch hundreds of passersby taking pictures of a decked out OLOH every day, some even shouting to us thanking us for making their holiday away from home more festive and cheerful.
“Santa’s Stable” and “Mrs. Claus’ Lowcountry Cove” were painted on wooden boards and then each one was wrapped with old boat line that the Captain willingly gave up.
Celebration: We were thrilled to join the festive crew on board the Bluffton Sun’s Holly Jolly Christmas Trolley at the annual Bluffton Christmas Parade. Above, our new friend, the Sun’s editor Lynne Hummel gives the Captain a sense of what to expect. The experience was beyond our expectations!
Repairs: it’s a boat (so something on it is probably breaking right now). After nearly a full year of all-around great performance, the One Love’s high tech E-Tec engine decided it no longer liked its fuel pump and demanded a new one. Thankfully we were introduced to an excellent mechanic and good guy Chris Collins. He’s a fantastic resource if you’re ever in need of any kind of mechanical services while in the Hilton Head area. Reach out to us for his info if you need it.
More exploring: We heard about a great spot called Up The Creek Pub and Grill at Broad Creek Marina so with the One Love back in service we headed out to lunch.  Dockhand Bram (center) was ready to catch our lines and treat us to his good sense of humor and sharp wit.
Up The Creek Pub has a simple but good menu and you can’t beat the location!
Projects: All play and no work makes the Admiral a little nutty.  So did cooking on the three-burner electric cooktop that was original to OLOH from the factory.  So after waiting too long, we made the decision to replace it with a four-burner induction cooktop (one of several projects we tackled while at port). That meant making some changes, like cutting the stone counter…stay tuned.

So what’s next?  Our Plan A has us motoring to Florida and getting across Lake Okeechobee to spend the remainder of January and the beginning of February cruising the Gulf Coast and visiting with friends there before heading south to our beloved Stock Island Marina Village in Key West.  For this plan to hold the lake depths have to be at appropriate levels for a crossing which is not always the case this time of year.  Additionally, we have been carefully monitoring the red tide on the Gulf side as the area near where we exit the Okeechobee waterway has been experiencing a recurrence of the algal bloom that can deplete oxygen in the waters and/or release toxins that may cause illness in humans and other animals.  It’s something we simply won’t subject ourselves to.  Fortunately, the conditions seem to be improving so we hope that will be a continuing trend.

We hope that there are no yellow or orange dots on this map when we’re preparing to make our way west.

If we end up not making the trip west, Plan B has us continuing down the east coast with the hopes of arriving to Stock Island by the middle of the month.  Either way, we’re excited about what lies ahead and look forward to new experiences and returning to some favorite old haunts.

As we say to each other every day, we feel so fortunate to be on this continuing adventure where no two days are alike, where nature is always at our doorstep and the connections we are able to make with like-minded people continue to enrich and surprise us.  Our holiday wish for you is that you are able to experience or draw yourself closer to whatever brings you joy, inspires your spirit or touches your soul.  Here’s to fair winds, calm seas and spirit of OLOH being with you in the new year’s new light.  Let’s get together and feel alright!

-Jasper, Tim, and A.J.


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  1. Sounds (and looks) like it has been a wonderful holiday in Hilton Head! We wish you a very Happy New Year, continued safe passage, and hopefully see you as you work your way through the Sunshine State. Capt Pete & Rachel
  2. Hi Guys....Your current adventurer sounds great. If you make it to the Gulf Coast, especially Naples, let us know “ahead of time” so we can arrange a rendezvous. Best, Peter & Pamela

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