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REFIT — Replace Current Davit with Hydraulic Unit

One of our biggest projects to date was the upgrade of OLOH’s factory-installed davit (the crane that deploys our tender from the boat’s bridge deck), which was a UMT Marine Econo Davit with electric winch, manual boom, manual extension and manual (air assist) lift.  It was a great davit in perfect working order but not right for us.  With our particular setup, using it was a precarious two-person job.  We needed a setup with one-person operation so we searched for a fully automatic hydraulic davit that suited our needs and fit our boat.  For us, it’s an upgrade that we feel was well worth the cost.

Ease of use and convenience is very important to us.  When we are traveling, which will be often, we’ll use the tender regularly to get the dog to shore when at anchor or on a mooring, make provision runs and explore.

Safety is a top priority on OLOH.  With the original setup, the tender (800lbs) had to be manually pushed off the upper deck from the aft quarter of the bridge and swung to port as it lowered.  Because of our particular setup’s location, there were several occasions where slipping has occurred near the edge of the deck among other close calls and nothing about boating is worth a broken neck.

We replaced our davit with one that utilizes our original standpipe’s location and offers us a bit more reach in addition to the aforementioned fully automated operation.

It’s a significant boat system and a lot of research has gone into making the best choice for our needs.  After careful evaluation of the four manufacturers listed here, we chose Steelhead Marine.  You can read all about our installation experience here.

Steelhead Marine — ES Series


We reached out to Steelhead Marine via their website and rather than getting an email response, I got a call from Jake Burns. He is a great rep for the brand and enthusiastically and knowledgeably answered all my questions and concerns.  He pointed me toward the ES model.  Steelhead’s ES1000 fit our needs perfectly, the price was right and their customer service before the sale was excellent so they earned our business.

Here are the details:

ES models provide four hydraulic functions making them easy to operate:

  • Power Luffing
  • Power Rotation
  • Power Winch
  • Power Extension

Lightweight – aluminum construction greatly reduces the crane’s deadweight on-board.

High-Performance Strength – precise engineering, innovative design and the latest hi-tech materials create the strongest, quietest crane in its class.

Outstanding Design – clean lines and superior engineering result in cranes that are attractive, compact to store yet versatile when extended.

Trouble-Free Reliability – exacting standards, quality-tested, easy to install, simple to operate and our Steelhead Two Year Platinum Warranty means reliability.

Outstanding Customer Service – “our dedication to competitive pricing, quick delivery, great service and follow-up plus a global service network ensures your satisfaction.”

Great looking davit, a smaller profile with a nice reach.
Price is competitive.
Approx. 2-day installation.
Approx. 4 weeks to ship.
Hydraulic power for all aspects – no extra charges.
Hand-held, cord-free remote

We are happy to report after two and a half years of service, the davit continues to perform flawlessly.  At the two year mark we engaged an authorized Steelhead service tech for an inspection and routine maintenance.  He didn’t discover any issues.

Nick Jackson Co. Inc. — 1000 LPHBPR or 1200 Linear System

I found Nick Jackson Co. with a basic Google search.  Jason Jackson quickly responded to my inquiry asking for details on their low profile 1000 and 1200 davits.  They were quick to get me info.  Here’s what we know…

1000 LPHBPR —  1000lb lift capacity, 110 VAC, hydraulic power pack, davit complete with 110 electric drum winch. Complete davit with standpipe, painted to match.

1200 Linear System — 1200lb lift capacity, fully hydraulic boom, winch, and rotation.  Length is built to spec.  110 VAC hydraulic power pack. Complete davit with standpipe, painted to match.

Great looking davit.
Price is competitive.
All functions work 0-88 degrees
Work with our yard for installation advice/support.
Approx. 3 weeks to ship.
Great customer service.

MarQuipt — MarQ10 and MarQ15 Telescopic Davit

MarQuipt was one of the first companies we reached out to because of their reputation and they are located on the East Coast.  Mike responded within a day to my initial inquiry via website.  He asked for pictures of our current set-up and measurements and responded quickly to my questions.

Here’s what we know…

MarQ10 — 1000lb lifting capacity, hydraulic lift, boom and power rotation.  104.5″ boom from center or rotation.  Standpipe is 4.5″ OD with 12″ OD deck flange. Standpipe includes 8″ OD female base plate and trim ring.  Remote mounted Hyd Power Unit with 8′ hose measured from bottom of standpipe.  Electrical power from boat to HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) from vessel is 110 or 220VAC.    

MarQ15 — 1500lb lifting capacity,hydraulic lift, boom and power rotation.  126″ boom from center or rotation.  Standpipe is 5″ OD with 12″ OD deck flange. Standpipe includes 9″ OD female base plate and trim ring.  Remote mounted Hyd Power Unit with 8′ hose measured from bottom of standpipe.  Electrical power from boat to HPU from vessel is 110 or 220VAC.  ** Boom Cylinder includes Aluminum housing.

Great looking davit.
Price is considerably higher.
Work with our yard or install there.
Approx. 3 weeks to ship.
Hydraulic Power Unit size is a consideration.
Only MarQ15 has telescoping boom.
Great customer service.

Brower Systems, Inc. — WC 1200 Power Rotation

We have not had any personal contact with Brower as we reached out to our friend Bill, owner of New England Bow Thruster who also installs Brower davits.

Here’s what we know…

WC 1200 —  316 stainless steel truck (base).  Hydraulic linear winch with 17 feet of line travel.  300 percent of rated capacity.  Proof test of 125 percent done at time of assembly.  Wireless remote 6 or 8-button.  Manual extension stows at 6’ with 7,8,9,10 foot pin positions to allow numerous pick points, includes spring loaded stainless steel locking pin,  optional hydraulic extension 6-10 feet is available.  Hydraulic luffing is standard to allow you to change boom angle under load.  12 or 24-volt d/c hydraulic power unit standard with optional 110 or 220 voltage available.  5-1/4” o.d.  ½” wall standpipe 9’ long is provided as standard with receiver for the base and a shear transfer collar to the top deck to secure.

Great looking davit, a bit stouter than the others.
Price is high but not highest.
Approx. 2-day installation.
Approx. 3 weeks to ship.
Hydraulic power unit size in a separate location is a consideration.
Shortest length when closed with longest extension.

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