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Departure is Imminent

FROM:  The Captain

Welcome to the Adventures Of OLOH.  There is so much that will be happening on this site.  Details about our boat, plans, life all coming soon, but first, we’ve got to get on the move.

We hope you’ll choose to join us as we embark on this amazing journey – it has been a long time coming.  Please be sure to subscribe to the blog on the top right of this page to get notified when updates are posted.  And please leave any comments or questions below – we love to hear from you & know that you’re along for the ride!  You can also follow us on Twitter at @MYOLOH and on Instagram.

If three months ago you had asked us where we thought we would be today (geographically) we would have inevitably said, “certainly well on our way south, maybe at the tail end of bouncing around the Chesapeake.”  Of course, that’s when we thought delivery of OLOH would have long since taken place and all of our projects requiring us to be close to home would have been completed.  As it often does, life and Neptune had other plans.  However, we are pleased to report that now, two and a half months after closing, having put 432.5 nautical miles of “shakedown” under OLOH’s keel and having tackled countless boat projects and modifications (to be detailed further on we have finally arrived at a point in time where we are ready to point the bow south as soon as the right weather window arrives.  And it looks like that window will be opening up on Tuesday, October 31st (yes, Halloween and the Captain’s birthday).  There is still work to finish, punch-list items to check off and provisions to acquire but we are confidently on-track to untie the lines by the time the rain has moved on and the high winds have abated after the weekend.

Our float plan will be evolving as we travel as we are fortunate to have no specific deadlines to make other than wanting to adjust our latitude appropriately before it gets too consistently cold wherever we happen to be.  We have always held firm in our belief that the worst thing to have on a boat is a schedule and we fully intend to uphold that mantra on this great adventure.  Initially, our travel days will be determined by the wind and wave forecast off the New Jersey coast as we need to be out in the Atlantic after leaving New York Harbor until arriving in Cape May, New Jersey, a two-day trip for us.  After Cape May we will make our first-ever run up Delaware Bay on our way to Chesapeake Bay where we intend to spend some time exploring at a leisurely pace.  We will be taking our time, traveling at an average speed of about ten knots and have no interest in or need for too many long travel days when geography doesn’t demand it.  So, for the moment, our float plan looks like this…

·      Travel Day 1: Catskill, NY to Poughkeepsie, NY (Shadows Marina) – 33 nautical miles

·      Travel Day 2: Poughkeepsie to Jersey City, NJ (Liberty Landing Marina) – 64 nm

·      Travel Day 3: Jersey City to Atlantic City, NJ (Farley State Marina) – 88 nm

·      Travel Day 4: Atlantic City to Cape May, NJ (South Jersey Marina) – 37 nm

From Cape May we’ll head up Delaware Bay, through the Chesapeake – Delaware (C&D) Canal and onto the Chesapeake Bay.  Our plan for the Chesapeake is still coming together but we’ve had lots of great suggestions and plenty of information to sort through so we will post more as it takes shape and we are always open to thoughts and ideas so please send em’ our way.  Our plan will be to spend at least two nights at each location we choose in the Chesapeake and perhaps we will fall in love with an area and need to stay longer – that’s the point!

We’re almost ready to fire up our Detroit Diesel Series 60’s and start motoring south.  And we’re very excited about what’s to come.

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  1. Beautiful boat! Impressive blog! I just learned of your website from your article in the Aqua Map Newsletter. Thanks for contributing to their newsletter and maintaining your blog and videos. When I find a new blog, I prefer to start at the very first post and read everything forward from there. A 'Next' link at the end of each post makes that a lot easier. I think I'll be able to navigate your site okay using the 'Archives' links, but a 'Next' button would be better. My best to you and the crew. Greg.
    1. Hey Greg - we're so glad you found us and thanks for the kind words. While we don't have 'next' or 'previous' buttons, there is a hyperlink to the previous and next entries on the blog all the way down at the bottom of each blog entry page. We appreciate the suggestion and will look to add something more obvious and user friendly. Cheers!

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