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OLOH TV – An Offshore Interview and OLOH Gumbo

We’re often asked, when we’re offshore on a continuous course for hours and hours, how do we pass the time?  Well, we came up with one interesting way on a recent travel day.  Check it out and we guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two about the OLOH Crew as well as few celebrities and their boats!

Plus, the Admiral is back in the galley with his waste-not-want-not attitude, doing his best to use up our provisions before OLOH goes in for some yard time.  Wait ’till you see what he made this time!


For the recipe we feature in the video, please click here.

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  1. You said you were ‘laying’ the boat up for awhile. For how long? And where will you both be going? How long before your next OLOH adventure? Will miss you both and your adventures on OLOH. Be well and enjoy your land cruising. Irwin ‘the old salt’

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