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OLOH TV – Rollin’ On The Hudson

The OLOH Crew had the good fortune of being joined by great friends for a last hurrah of the northeast boating season, heading down the Hudson River from Catskill, New York.  In this episode we’ll give you a good feel for our departure procedure on a particularly chilly morning (where we discover that our bow thruster wasn’t feeling very cooperative).  You’ll join us as we make our final stop ever at a local marine institution before its owners move on after decades of service to the community – owners who we partially blame for our boating addiction (you’ll just have to watch to understand that connection).  

Along the way we’ll show you some of the most iconic sights on the river and we even happen upon a beautiful yacht with some major celebrity pedigree. We’ll also give you what we hope are some helpful hints for your own river run before we stop for the night at our favorite marina in the lower Hudson Valley.  But was Jasper of any help at all on this trip?  Check it out and enjoy the ride…

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