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Southbound ’17 – Travel Day 28: Cocoa to Vero Beach, Fl

FROM: The Captain –

Conditions: Early fog, mix of sun and clouds, warm with calm winds

Distance traveled:  48.5 nautical miles

Time underway: 5 hours 22 minutes

Average Speed: 9 knots

Max Speed: 12 knots

Fuel used: 51 gallons

We had an easy going morning as we waited for the heavy fog over the waterway to lift and got underway just before 10am.  Another big thanks to Cocoa Village Marina, a highlight stopover for us.  We can’t say enough about how nice the crew there is and if it made more sense with our plans for us to have stayed another day or two we most certainly would have.  We’ll be back.

Ken was helping another boater so Tricia popped by to make sure to say goodbye before we left.


The entrance and exit to the marina is tight, but the Captain made it look easy with his skillful use of the Yacht Controller.
Morning fog starting to lift in Cocoa.

It was an easy day of cruising down the ICW.  As you get underway you start hearing familiar vessels hailing each other on the VHF to make passing arrangements and start to have a sense of who you’ll encounter along the way.  By and large it was a good day of boater interaction with virtually every boat, sailboats included, responding to passing requests on the radio.

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now.  From up and down and still somehow, it’s cloud’s illusions I recall I really don’t know clouds at all

We started out the morning running OLOH from the pilothouse inside while we waited for the mist in the air to subside.  But Jasper was allowed to ride up top from the beginning of the run which made him happy.

This is one happy moose giving us the side-eye.

The water being so glassy-calm coupled with the low-lying fog created a surreal quality at times.  As the sun burned off the remaining fog the temps heated up and we headed up to the bridge.  That’s when it really started to feel like the Florida boating we’ve been waiting for.  We were in shorts and t’s, passing small, uninhabited islands while dolphins gleefully played in our wake.

One of the many Robinson Crusoe Islands that dot the waterway.
As we’ve said before, shoaling is a major issue on the ICW which is why following up-to-date charts and using Active Captain can make life much easier and safer… And sometimes all you have to do is look and those shoals make themselves known.
There are free boats for the taking (not that we suggest you do)!


This extraordinary cloud bank pushed westward and the sun came out and it was a spectacular run.
Blue skies and glassy waters, the gift that just keeps giving.

When I first reached out to Vero Beach Municipal Marina in the morning I was told they didn’t have a spot for us so I made a reservation at what I considered our “plan ‘B'” marina.  A few hours later Vero Beach called to let me know they had a cancellation and could tie us up on their fuel dock for the night which was fine as we needed to take on around 500 gallons of diesel.

It’s our first time here – another terrific spot in a quiet, park-like area (beware of the crab holes), very different than the many Florida marinas that are surrounded by condos.  There’s also a huge dog park next door that we may have to take advantage of on another visit.

On approach to Vero Beach Municipal Marina.
See how close it appears OLOH is to the fuel dock’s roof?
That’s how close we are!
We have no idea what this warning means but we took heed.
See?  It’s not just homeowners who wait a little longer than they probably should to take down holiday decorations.
OLOH tucked in for the night in Vero Beach.

Next Stop – Stuart.  See you out there…

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  1. Wow, how cool watching Jasper watch the dolphins. Love that Joni Mitchell could be along too.... Hey you guys are in the back yard of Two Towel Johnie !!° P&L
  2. Great blog ! Makes me miss you guys sooo much. Jasper is such a great nugget head. The dolphins are just very magical to me but you guys already know that.
  3. Hi folks, found your blog about a month ago and am truly enjoying your adventure. I happen to be bringing my boat down the ICW in May to the east coast of Tampa Bay and your information is invaluable. Especially enjoying the videos you've been posting, and yes, it never gets old when dolphins swim alongside!
    1. Hey Paul - We're so glad you're along for the ride and happy to hear that the info is helpful. If you have any specific questions at all please don't hesitate to reach out. Please stay in touch!
  4. Hi Tim & AJ!!! Enjoying your beautiful pictures & descriptions of your amazing voyage! Loved watching Jasper eyeing the dolphins!!!Hope your holidays were memorable! Savor every moment!!!

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