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Southbound ’19 – Travel Day 14: Heading For Lay Days In Georgetown, SC

Southbound ’19 – Travel Day 14: Heading For Lay Days in Georgetown, SC

Conditions: Overcast, temps from 38° to 51°.  Winds North/Northeast 5-10 kts, waters calm to light chop.

Distance traveled: 52 statute miles 

Time underway: 5 hours 12 minutes

Average Speed: 9 kts

Max Speed: 17 kts

Fuel used: 47 gallons

It was a cold start to the day and we were off the docks once again just before 7 am.  Much of the cruising was like our previous day with long, populated stretches that require us to travel at no-wake speeds including areas that are essentially narrow canals going through neighborhoods.

Barefoot Marina in our wake.
North Myrtle Beach departure – approaching the Grand Dunes Bridge.
So the homeowner stands on the lawn looking out and says “build the deck higher than everyone else’s so we can see better!” The contractor says “are you sure?”  The homeowner says “I bought this place for the views of the water, go big!”  Months later when the deck is built the homeowner realizes something as he stands in his glass-walled living room looking out at his view.
It’s hard to get an idea of how grand this property is. It looks like an Italian country estate.
The Socastee Swing Bridge,  We don’t know her name but we proclaim that she is, without doubt, the nicest bridge tender on the South Carolina ICW.
Osprey Marina was a great stop for us last year. This year we gave them a wave as we passed by.
The tug operator pushing this barge deftly turns a tight corner after we confirmed our “one-whistle” pass. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking and exhilarating.
This sailboat has been sitting at this spot for several years and it’s difficult to tell if it’s been abandoned. We call it the Ghost Ship.
Oh ye great forest monster, rising from the river’s edge. Ancient and fat with rot yet still struggling to survive, still strangely beautiful and inspiring.

This leg of the trip has one of our favorite stretches of the waterway, the windy Waccamaw River where you often feel like you are in the middle of the woods.

In contrast to much of our trip, there was very little traffic where we were cruising and we had the water to ourselves quite a bit.  Between that, the scenery and the lack of high-tension problem areas it was simply a great day of boating, despite the clouds and cooler temps.

The docks of Georgetown, SC are in sight! By the looks of this fishing fleet, we might be in luck finding some fresh fish.
Bird condos with a water view…such a desirable location they are being Swallowed up 🙂
Approaching Harborwalk Marina after a great day of cruising.

Georgetown is a great stop along the ICW.  It’s a lovely town with a variety of dining options and intrinsic southern charm.  Harborwalk Marina is just steps from the village and is a perfect place to tie up.  They had been making terrific improvements over the past few years and the work is now complete.  The staff is wonderful as are the floating docks and power.  It’s a relatively small marina so plan ahead with reservations if you’re heading this way.  We’re glad we did because the weather will keep us in place here for a few days before we start the final stretch of this phase of our Southbound ’19 Adventure.  And what a great town to be “stuck” in.

In the land of “Ya’ll” we can’t help but smile at the “Happy Fall Ya’ll” sign outside of one Georgetown’s many great eateries.

The inclement weather was the perfect excuse to take on projects, like checking out a few of the local restaurants!

Jasper is dumfounded as to why he can’t take just a quick look around inside this cat café.

It’s a rare occasion that we’ve found sushi on our travels down the ICW, so when we came upon Rollin Local we were excited. We happened to roll in on a Thursday where their 2-for-1 rolls were impossible to avoid. We had a great dinner and the service was excellent.
We finally ended up crossing paths with the folks on S/V Katherine and S/V True North after hearing them on the radio along the way over the past week. The Captain was quite excited to meet our fellow travelers, who made it safely to dock as the winds were beginning to pick up.
Another beauty, M/V Esmeralde, captured our attention as they too pulled in from the wet and windy weather. This American Tug, built and owned by Dorsey and Bruce and their Scottish Terriers Maddy and Pepper, was our neighbor across the dock.  And we’re thrilled to now call them friends.
We met a great family from D.C. who headed out after staying a few days. They gave Jasper a lot of love and we really enjoyed meeting them. Hopefully, we’ll run into them at some point over the winter.
That is some sweetness right there! He was snoring the day away.
The Harborwalk is a fantastic walkway between the backside of town and the Sampit river.
A shot of OLOH from the Harborwalk pathway.
A hop, skip and jump from our dock was Independent Seafood. Outside, the place was crawling with cats! But inside, there was wonderful fresh seafood to be had.

We ended up with 4 lbs of low-country, jumbo shrimp and 4 lbs of fresh Tuna steak. I wanted to take every shrimp bucket with me!
Speaking of tuna, we had a perfect lunch at a great gin joint called Big Tuna. It’s a fantastic and popular watering hole with great food.
Shout out to our favorite rum, Mt. Gay! See ya in our next painkiller 🙂
I was quite taken by the mural. I’m not sure who the artist was, but it really captures a moment in history.
The bar is terrific and welcoming and so was our bartender.
This last shot goes out to our Aunt Rita, who at the age of 78, can party with the best of them and is always in our thoughts and prayers 🙂 Love ya Aunt Rita Louise see you at the annual ugly sweater party!

The Charleston area is next!  See you out there…


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  1. Even having lived in this area for nearly 20 years, I am seeing and learning about all sorts of new geography and haunts through your travels. I pass through Georgetown all the time, even spent a holiday season in Debourdeaux once, but have never been to the places you name! Thanks for the enlightenment!
    1. Hey Dana - That's so great to hear! We always say, even if we have visited someplace by land many times before, it is always very different experiencing it from the water. Perspective is everything. Cheers!

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