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Some of the boating professionals who were and are an important part of the OLOH team.  We happily recommend any of the them.
Michele Clark Yacht Broker
Michele is the kind of person who doesn't stop until she gets what her client needs and she does it all with southern charm.
Chris Nebel Marine Surveyor / Captain
Chris was the find of a lifetime. His work ethic, professionalism, keen eye for detail and a good sense of humor kept us sane through a very long purchase process.
John Dudek Marine Diesel Engine Service and Repair
John is one of the nicest, most accessible engine surveyors we've met. He's one of the best at what he does and is happy to teach what he knows. He's professional, patient and responsive.
Tucker Lighthouse Signs
Tucker is the person to call for incredible lettering. He walked us through different options. We wanted stainless steel raised letters and he made it happen. His work is flawless and his work ethic is as well.
Vianca Yacht Controller Installer
We were excited to work with Vianca. There aren't a lot of women in this end of the industry and she's one of the most talented. Her knowledge of electronics and ability to trace down issues make the job painless. She is a terrific representative for her company and its product.
Captain Keith Captain
Keith was our sea trial captain. He's a good natured guy who has years of experience and made himself available for us for any reason. He's a great guy and a great resource.
Mike Custom Navigation Systems
Mike works for Steve Gill, owner of CNS. It was a pleasure having Mike and his partner in wires, Ed working on the boat. They were happy to answer any questions we had. Mike did try to take Jasper's toy and that didn't go well but other than that he was terrific!
Ed Custom Navigation Systems
Ed was part of the dynamic duo (Mike) that installed our Garmin screens and radar. He's professional and easy going and Jasper really liked him so that was really all that mattered.
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