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OLOH Favorite Products — Quicklinks

These products are some we love and can recommend. The links provided will take you to Amazon, and if you end up purchasing from the link provided here it helps support our efforts to keep providing good boating content!

Jasper’s Lifejacket!
We love this.  It fits snuggly, is comfortable and he doesn’t get too hot.  He also swims in it sometimes.

Easy Walk Deluxe Harness
This is a great harness because if we are going to shore on the tender, it fits underneath Jasper’s lifejacket so we can just pop off the jacket and he’s ready to go!

West Paw Toss Toy!
Yes it floats!  This is Jasper’s favorite fetch toy and it is super durable – one of the best we’ve found.

Zuke’s Natural Dog Treats
Fetching is not a problem, letting go is the problem.  These little treats don’t overdo it and are just the right nibble…”Drop it!”

Noflex Digestor – Sanitation
It’s all we use in our heads/holding tank and we are always odor free.  It’s worth the price in our opinion.

Eartec UL25 UltraLITE Headsets
Considered by many to be “marriage savers” we swear by these because they stop us from swearing at each other!

Rub Rail Restorer
If your rub rail has lost its luster like ours had, this will bring it back, but like all things on a boat, you’ve got to keep on it.

3M Marine Clean & Shine Wax
The Captain swears by this great detailer product as an excellent way to keep fiberglass shiny.

The Death and Life of the Great Lakes — by Dan Egan
Fascinaitng read about our cherished Great Lakes. Science, history and trivia lead the journey of devastation and triumphs.

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