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Guest Captain Entry — Car, Planes, Van and Boat!

FROM: Captain Pauly 

The Nuts and Beans fleet (the Mainship, Bentley and Sea Ray) is all winterized and wrapped, which means boating this year for Jo-Ann (Beans) and me (Nuts) is over.  But wait, maybe it is not over.  Maybe I can find a way to get on the OLOH.  A quick call out to the OLOH and it’s on, the guys are excited for me to be on board for a bit.   Now I just had to find them in the Chesapeake.  I left upstate New York with a kiss from Beans and spit from a snowy and sleety delayed plane ride from Stewart to Philadelphia which upon arrival had me waiting out in the rain to get my bag.  Then a fast run through the airport to my connection where I was the last to board.  It was a short 24-minute ride to Baltimore and I needed to get an Uber or car service for the two-hour trek to Solomons, MD.  No luck on Uber, but a pricy ground transport van was available from the airport… Ah but none of it matters, my 5-anchor accommodations were awaiting and I had the VIP Platinum Package! 

I did not need to see the 3 empty packs of cigarettes in the transport van to know that the driver, Tennings from Gabon Africa, liked to smoke in his van…A LOT.  But, he was friendly and engaging and got me to where I needed to be.  All is well that ends well and a mere 7 hours from start to finish I reached the OLOH.  I would have made a 27-hour trip or even longer to see them and get the reception I got.  Their pup Jasper lost his mind when he saw his best buddy, Nuts, and the OLOH had arrival celebrations ready — caviar, appetizers and a perfect martini.  First class!

It was great jumping on board and seeing how the OLOH keeps transforming. Each time I have been aboard, she has taken on more and more of Tim and A.J.’s personality.  She is a beauty and has changed so much since the guys first picked her up in Connecticut and there’s more ahead.  Beans and I joined them for the shake-down in the Long Island Sound, in Catskill on the Hudson River, at Shady Harbor Marina in New Baltimore, NY where we keep our fleet and now I was back on board at Solomons in Maryland!!

What an amazing way for me to see these waters I have never seen.  Maybe I can stay on until we are in the Bahamas?!  I’ll just have to talk Beans into meeting us here on the OLOH for Thanksgiving as a primer!

So happy to be back on OLOH again.  More from the Travel Log tomorrow!


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  1. Hey Pauly! Looking good on the OLOH! Can't wait to toast with one of those mugs in my hand. Cheers from Capt. M⚓️🍻
  2. So happy you got to do this Papa - and from the looks and sounds the OLOH was too! Give Jasper and his daddies a hug for me!! Enjoy!! Peace & Love

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