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Southbound ’17 – Travel Day 32: Fort Myers, Fl To Captiva, Fl
Three guys on approach. Jasper has the starboard side covered.

Southbound ’17 – Travel Day 32: Fort Myers, Fl to Captiva, Fl

FROM: The Captain –

Conditions: Mostly sunny, warm.  Winds light and variable. 

Time underway: 3 hours  

Average Speed: 9 knots

Max Speed: 17.3 knots

Fuel used: 38 gallons

It was time to touch The Gulf.  Before purchasing OLOH, when this entire adventure was just a fantasy, one of the original thoughts was, “let’s get a boat, comfortable enough to live on for long periods of time and keep it on Florida’s Gulf Coast year-round.”  Fast forward to our journey-without-an-actual-final-destination getting underway back in October and we probably would have told you then that we might not actually make the Gulf Coast as our thinking had started to change. We were becoming more and more enticed by the idea of jumping over to the Bahamas and bringing OLOH north again after the winter.  It truly wasn’t until we were laid-up in Stuart for a week when we made the decision to “turn right” and fulfill at least part of that original idea.  And we’re glad we did.

OLOH awaits for an easy morning departure.
The day heats up and the sun is peaking out. Little islands with sandy beaches start popping up as we leave the Caloosahatchee River and idle through an area known to locals as “the miserable mile” because of how slow you have to go.  Doesn’t bother us a bit.
 The trip from Fort Myers to Captiva is straight-forward.  You complete the last stretch of the Caloosahatchee River and cross over to Pine Island Sound which is protected from the Gulf Of Mexico by Sanibel Island.  Just to the north of Sanibel is Captiva Island, home to the spectacular South Seas Resort (it’s worth clicking on that link – their pictures tell the whole story).  We had been to South Seas back in 2011, shortly after taking delivery of our last boat in Sarasota, so it has special memories for us.  And it is a special place.  The marina is in a protected basin, nestled among soaring palm trees and just steps away from the soft sand lining The Gulf.  Dockmaster Charlie and his entire crew – Oksana, Frank and Rob – are a team of friendly professionals who know how to bring in and settle in a boat and always have a smile on when you pass them by.  As it is not an inexpensive place to stay, many certainly come here with justifiably high expectations.  They are not disappointed.  And yes, there were treats for Jasper in the office.
Entering the Yacht Harbor Marina at South Seas Resort.
There’s good room to move in the South Seas basin but the Yacht Controller sure comes in handy and makes docking a whole lot easier.
Father and son make a great team!

OLOH settled into paradise.
Walking into the pool area it’s not hard to understand why they named this place South Seas Resort… it’s picture perfect.
The view from our chairs on the bridge, not too shabby!
The marina is full of sea life like dolphins, manatees and snook and terrific birds that act as if you aren’t even there. (This pelican’s for you Kerry Rose!)
 After settling OLOH in it was time to touch The Gulf.  We walked over to the beach and then it really hit us.  We did it!  While every leg of this adventure has represented an accomplishment, there was something extraordinarily poignant about reaching this moment and actually touching the water here.  It was palpable and even a bit emotional.  And to see Jasper digging his paws into the sand just made everyone smile.
THAT is a happy dog. Jasper sees The Gulf for the first time
We made it! That calls for a fruity rum drink or three. Cheers!!
Jasper hugs the beach, happy to be on land and in the cool sand. That look is definitely, “can we stay a while? Please?”

Now we have the happy problem of figuring out what’s next.  We’ll be making our way south to Key West but will settle in this relative area for at least a few weeks to visit with friends, get some projects going and to just let it all soak in.  It’s been a long-time coming.  See you out there…


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  1. Having made the journey from the northeast to the Gulf many times, I understand and appreciate the incredible sense of accomplishment and emotional satisfaction in making a dream come true. It's been fun to ride along with you both and look forward to your continued adventures.
  2. Good day, You are finally in warm air and warm waters. Enjoy your time on the west coast. Looking forward to your arrival in Key West. If you looking for some time on land there is a room for on Olivia. I may have to go home in the near further for a short stay.
  3. How gorgeous! Know you will love it. We vacationed as a family at sanibel & captiva 3-4 times ..wonderful memories. A truly special place. Looking forward to your adventures. Relax, enjoy, write about it please ... :o)
  4. Not only did you make the West Coast of Florida, you did it on your schedule. 32 travel days....Thats the way to enjoy the journey!! P&L
  5. Congratulations, fellas! I’m so excited and happy for you - what a wonderful story to tell, and thanks so much for sharing it! Enjoy every moment of it!

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