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Our Five Anchor Server section honors the excellent servers we have met at different ports.  If you are a boater you are familiar with the term, "drop the anchor."  It means you've found the perfect spot to spend some time and so you drop the anchor.  The servers recognized here are people who have made our dining experiences special.  


Harbourside Bar and Grill South Seas Island Resort, Captiva Island FL — Garnet became one of our favorites because he was easy going, detail oriented and very polite. We requested him every time we dined there. When Momma Judy was visiting for her birthday, he surprised us with a birthday dessert and candle. Thanks, Garnet for your thoughtfulness and excellent service.


Salty Oyster Bar and Grill, Perry Hotel, Stock Island Marina Village - There's not enough space to say how much we (particularly Jasper) loved Heidi! Always a welcoming smile, a dog treat and water bowl, and excellent everything! Truly one of the best, she made it hard to stay away. We miss you Heidi!


Antonia's, Key West - (pictured here at one of his infamous dinner parties he threw for us) If you've been to Key West and haven't met T.K. then turn around and go back. Not only is he a dear friend of many years, we had the pleasure of sitting at his coveted bar at Antonia's. He's one of the greatest, most entertaining and talented people you'll meet! We miss you T.K.


Salty Oyster Bar and Grill, Perry Hotel, Stock Island Marina Village - Angie! Again not enough room to say all the good things! Angie's smile and warm welcome and witty banter kept bringing us back. Her excellent service kept us longer than we needed. She always took special care of Jasper. We miss you!


Salty Oyster Bar and Grill, Perry Hotel, Stock Island Marina Village - it's Zak! As you can clearly see from this photo, Zak is a cool dude in a loose mood. He's always ready to brighten your day by bringing the fun and concocting a perfectly crafted cocktail (he makes a mean Manhattan). And yes, he's ALSO Jasper's best friend. Peace out Zak!


Old Bull Tavern, Beaufort, SC — From the minute we sat down, Ashley was immediately on top of things. She was extremely detail oriented and noticed the moment we needed something - often even before we needed it! She's very polite, engaging, had a great sense of humor and was super easy-going. She made our special occasion with friends even more special! Thanks, Ashley and good luck in your pursuits!


Lowcountry Produce Market and Cafe, Beaufort, SC — Angela wasn't actually our server, she was the manager who came to our table to say hello. We're giving her an honorable mention here because she was such a pleasure to talk to. Our server, Mary Alexis, was wonderful and attentive but wasn't up for a photo! Thank you both for a great experience.


Agave, Beaufort, SC — Christina is a hardworking mom with three kids who should be exhausted from working several jobs but you wouldn't know it. She had such a warm energy and an easy smile. She quickly helped us figure out what we wanted and her advice was perfect and we loved our choices. She was super attentive but not intrusive and a great server. Thanks, Christina, you were excellent.


Foolish Frog, Beaufort, SC — Ashely was a blast and it felt like we've known her a long time. She was lovely and spunky and even brought us a taste of the alligator stew. She knew the menu well and insisted we try the fried okra...a good call! She also told us her daughter makes fun of the way she smiles but we happen to love it! Keep smiling Ashley and thanks for the fun afternoon!


Saltus, Beaufort, SC — We were greeted warmly by Devon and it was immediately clear that she was excellent at her job. She was never rushed and spent time explaining menu items and giving us her favorites. Her service was truly five anchor and her wonderful personality made it even better. She is a visual artist by day and usually works one night a week there, so we got lucky! Thanks Devon, and all the best to you.


Coinjock Marina Restaurant, Coinjock, NC — Diane was just terrific and the kind of person who you feel like you've known for a long time. She had a great sense of humor & was patient as we tried to figure out what not-fried to get and once we ordered she was very attentive. You were awesome Diane, see you next year!


Water Street Cafe, Stonington, CT — Our experience at Water Street Cafe was so excellent we went back. They nailed it again with the food and service. Noah was engaging, witty and on top of every detail. Thanks for the excellent experience Noah. (Pictured next to him is Jake another terrific employee there.)


Spoon River, Belhaven, NC — Lori was attentive and really just a lovely person with a soft demeanor and good sense of humor. She made perfect drink suggestions and was knowledgeable about the menu, giving a little backstory on some of the offerings. We really enjoyed our time with you Lori! Thank you for the excellent service.


Fish & Slips, Tidewater, VA — Darcy was very proper, extremely polite, very sweet. and a great server. We also learned she was a lawyer!...and became a personal trainer after her struggle and success with weight loss. Three jobs and working toward paying off her college tuition — so admirable! Good luck Darcy and rock on!


Lucarita Mexican Restaurant, Greenport, NY — Katie was quiet and attentive with an easy smile and a fun personality. She was knowledgeable about the restaurant's history and food and steered us toward must-try items that made our experience perfect. Thanks Katie, we appreciate you!


Water Street Cafe, Stonington, CT — We met Leo during the first week of our shakedown.  Leo was our very first Five Anchor server.  His personality, knowledge and exceptional attitude really made our experience at Water Street Cafe special. He's "Danny Meyer" good! Thanks, Leo you set the standard for the Five Anchors!


Boat Yard Bar and Grill, Annapolis, MD — Amanda had a quiet, but lovely personality and really gave us some great food advice and was an excellent server. She's quite the hard worker. While her degreed profession is as a pastry chef, she works three jobs to pay off her college loans. Thanks, Amanda we know you'll go far!


Claudio's — Greenport, NY — Shawn had a smile at the ready immediately after we sat down. He's energetic and fun and steered us toward the fresh Mahi Reubens for which we will be forever grateful. And, when we had an issue with our drinks he took care of it without question. Thanks, Shawn for treating us so well!


Angry Arthur's Seafood Company, St. Michaels, MD — We connected with Amanda immediately with our rescue dog stories and she led us to some great food and beer choices. She had great energy, was attentive, knowledgeable and a lot of fun. We could've talked to her all night. Thanks for taking good care of us and give YOUR Jasper a hug!


Island Hideaway, Solomons, MD — Brittany welcomed us with a warm smile and positivity. Passionate about the food, her honest answers to "what do you think of this?" led us to fantastic choices! She's also passionate about her three dogs and would probably have more if her husband let her! Thanks Brittany and good luck with what's next!


Our libations section lists our favorite drinks and we'll be adding more as we go along.  If you have a special beverage you like, send us the recipe and we'll put it up here and of course, attribute it to you!


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