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Seas and Greetings!

FROM: The Captain

Happy Holidays!  We recently took a break from our steady stream of blog entries as our cruising is on pause for the holidays.  This pause prompted several emails from people wondering if everything was OK.  Indeed, things are fantastic.  We pulled into Beaufort, SC at the beginning of December and decided to stay put for a few weeks to catch up on life and boat projects so we’ve had no new cruising adventures to write about – but we thank you for wondering about us if you were.

Here’s what we’ve been up to…

Beaufort (pronounced ‘Bew-fort’) and the surrounding area is terrific and has been a great place to lay-over.  There is so much natural beauty here and being the second-oldest city in South Carolina, it is steeped in a fascinating history which you feel everywhere.  Unfortunately, it has not been steeped in warm weather during our stay.  The day we arrived was the last day we were able to wear shorts and t’s.  We’ve had several mornings with frost on the docks and temps not rising out of the 40’s.  Not what we came to the South for.  But it’s been a productive time and we’ve had lots of fun with old and new friends, not to mention some spectacular meals.  More about those in an upcoming Seefare entry.

One of the spectacular sunrises we were fortunate to witness. We keep commenting how there is something special about the light in this part of the world.

On our first weekend in town, we were invited aboard our friends Michele and Gene’s boat Orion which was fantastically transformed into Rudolf for the annual Beaufort Light Up The Night boat parade.  Wow – was that fun!  And while we didn’t win any prizes we were clearly recognized as the most festive crew of all.  Why else would the Beaufort Gazette have featured our picture to accompany their front page article on the big event?!

Before the boat parade, we threw a little OLOH cocktail hour for our hosts and their other guests. Among the delicious eats, Tim made a spectacular shrimp ceviche and garlic green curry shrimp dish using the fresh-caught, Lowcountry shrimp we bought that morning at the local farmer’s market.
A beautiful sunset added to the magic light of the parade’s beginning.
Orion as Rudolf.  Won’t you guide my parade tonight while some silly folks dance and sing on deck?

Front Page Worthy: You can never count on the camera to catch you at the most flattering moment but I think it’s clear we were having a blast! And the choreography was certainly awe-inspiring.

Our Christmas/Chanukah gift came early in the form of a 750 pound crate from Canada containing OLOH’s brand new davit.  After some creative engineering from Tim, Gene and A.J.’s Dad, it made it’s way from the marina office onto our top deck.  You can read much more about that project here.  A quick note about the davit’s delivery… We had, perhaps, the kindest, most helpful freight delivery person we have ever encountered.  In New York, more often than not, we have encountered freight deliverers that are only concerned with getting your goods off their trucks as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort needed and rarely with an overtly friendly attitude.  Jack, the gentleman who delivered the crate to us, not only kept us up to date on his expected arrival but could not have been nicer, more accommodating or more willing to help us move the crate to a location that worked for us, well beyond what was required or expected.  And when we went to tip him before he left we had to practically wrestle the money into his hand.  We love the South.  Thank you Jack.

Only a quarter mile of dock to go before we have to get this onto OLOH’s bridge deck.
Preparing for liftoff under the careful supervision of A.J.’s Dad who joined us for a terrific visit (and to make sure we got this right).
It takes a crane to lift a crane.

Perhaps most importantly, Jasper has been enjoying himself.  He’s essentially taken over the marina’s store…

How much is that doggie in the window? The one with the waggly tail…

Miss Michele practically lets him drive the golf carts…

But more often he has to make that 1/4 mile walk to and from the boat when it’s “that time”…

Do I have to walk back to the boat?

We do know he finds it well worth it for all of the street walking he gets to do and the playtime he gets off-leash on the grass…

After all, there’s always plenty of time to rest…

We’ll be back underway in time for New Year’s in another port and hope that you’ll be along for our continuing journey.

In the meantime, the OLOH Crew wishes you fair winds, happiness, warmth, good health and good times with family and friends this holiday season!

-A.J., Tim and Jasper

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