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Joy In Jekyll And Onward To Florida

Joy In Jekyll And Onward To Florida

Jekyll Island was a terrific discovery for us and one that our friends from Miss Norma insisted we’d love.  They were right.  On our first evening on Jekyll we were joined by Tim, Ramie, and Ringo of the Miss Norma crew and by Captain Mike and his daughter Isabelle of the S/V Samadhi crew, who had driven down from Shelter Cover Marina in Hilton Head (except for Ramie who did the run with us down from Hilton Head).

Cocktail hour on OLOH is always a mix of banter, stories of the day’s adventures and reviewing travel plans.
It was Captain Sean’s birthday so we decided to take him to Zachry’s Riverhouse, the onsite restaurant at Jekyll Island Marina.

The food was great and the service was terrific. Sean got a big happy birthday song and our server, Leigh was exceptional (light blue t-shirt). All the folks at the restaurant couldn’t have been more welcoming and cheerful. Thanks for the fun night!
Jekyll Island has a wonderful history. Our first stop was checking out the Horton tabby house.

Captain Mike and his daughter, Isabelle lead the way as we continue exploring the island, hiking a trail to Horton’s pond where the promise of alligator sightings lurking beneath the freshwater pond along with turtles and water moccasins.
These alien creatures were popped up all along our path. Can anyone identify them!?
Spanish moss hangs like haunted, tattered drapery, allowing the broken white and blue sky to peek through and the sunlight to barely dapple the ground.
We continued our island tour, heading to the only dog-friendly beach on the island. Jasper needed to run!
Just behind Tim’s right shoulder is the capsized cargo ship (and the other Tim from Miss Norma!).
The sandy expanse of beach is dotted with sun-parched trees, some still stand but many have toppled, their upturned roots finally seeing the other side of earth.
Sun and sky and sea and ball. Happiness is all. Sand beneath the feet. Run. Retrieve. Repeat. Oh simple things of joy. Run now run, good boy!

Even though he’s another year older, Captain Sean still has a little bit of boy left inside him.
After all that activity we needed some sustenance and the first places we tried were either closed or didn’t allow dogs. We got a recommendation for the Wee Pub and they welcomed us and the hound. But of course, we’d expect nothing less from an Irish Pub!
The chicken and mushroom pot pie was decadent and a fan favorite. We also enjoyed the local IPA, Hop Dang Diggety, an American Ale from Jekyll Brewing Company.
The shrimp Po’ Boy and crispy fries got two thumbs up as well!
Ringo was content to hold down the fort while we were tromping around the island. His favorite spot on OLOH is Jasper’s bed, and Jasper is just fine sharing it with him!
Before the gang left us to prepare for our next journey, we got to enjoy one last sunset with them.

Jekyll Island to St Augustine




After an incredible time with exceptional friends on Jekyll Island, it was time to put Georgia behind us and hit the sunshine state.  We shoved off before sunrise at exactly 7 am and made the 92 mile run in eight hours forty-nine minutes, the precise amount of time – to the minute – that our trip to Jekyll had taken two days prior.  That’s a little bit weird.  Anyway, we averaged 9.1 knots, sometimes running with the current and sometimes fighting it, maxing out at 18 knots for around twenty minutes when we spooled the engines up.

6:59 am. Dawn departure.

We enjoyed clear skies and after a cooler start to the day the temps warmed up to 59 degrees while we meandered our way through the ICW bound for Camachee Cove Marina in St. Augustine.  Another rite of passage on this adventure as we crossed Cumberland Sound by St Marys Inlet and entered Florida!  Our eighth state since New York back in the fall.  The ride is a pretty balanced mix of nature, industry, a couple of big ship inlets to cross and the residential waterways of northern Florida.

Jasper usually gets a lot of attention at marinas.  This Sheepadoodle we met at the docks at Jekyll gave him a run for his money!

Our ride was so super smooth that Jasper actually wandered into the salon and got up into his spot and fell asleep. That has never happened underway so it was worth a pic!
OLOH’s Captain takes a moment to give the windows a quick wash down while Captain Sean maintains course.
We saw a lot of Army helicopters throughout the day – we counted at least ten and we wondered if they were on high alert. This security patrol kept a close eye on us as we were passing by Navy ships.
Nuff said.
It was an easy and quick tie-up in St. A and then we were off to walk Jasper!
It was a perfect evening to sit outside – and we were so happy to be able to do that!

It’s our third time staying at Camachee (so our set of complimentary rocks glasses is building) and it’s a convenient, easy and nice spot to tie up for the night or longer.  We don’t need to be in downtown St. Augustine and the basin at this marina is free of the mad current that plagues the downtown docks.

We continue south and on towards the “Space Coast” next.  See you out there!


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  1. Hi guys! Enjoyed the fun review of the past weeks's travels. We miss you, but are happy y'all continue to have big fun! Those "alien creatures" you found on the path on Jekyll aren't creatures at all. They are stinkhorn mushrooms. You might have noticed their unique and powerful aroma (yes, they STINK!). We also call them dead man's fingers, although there are several other plants by that name. They pop up around dead leaves and continue to stink until they are dug up, so they will dry out. It's always fun when they show up in our garden and lawn - we fight to see who has to take care of it. All the best - and my love to my boyfriend Jasper! Lynne

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