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OLOH TV – Southbound ’19! Part Two

As you can read about here, phase one of our Southbound ’19 Adventure took us from Catskill, NY to Deltaville, Virginia.

This episode of OLOH TV covers the last four days of phase one, starting out with a beautiful, pre-dawn departure under the glimmering lights of lower Manhattan that morphed into a long and sloppy day on the ocean.  After a much-needed calm night in Cape May, New Jersey, we were on our way to a cool and lively, new-to-us marina in Chesapeake, Virginia and a beautiful, favorite stop in North Beach, Maryland before reaching our Deltaville destination.

Good cruising, great friends and a bit more excitement than Jasper would have liked.  Come along for the ride…


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  1. Well done! That run off the NJ coast is rarely easy but OLOH and crew seemed to handle it just fine (although Jasper may have thought otherwise!). Looks like Chesapeake City may be a new favorite spot next time through? Continued safe and fun passgae south. Florida awaits your return!
    1. Thanks Pete! Yes - we really enjoyed Chesapeake City. There was a fun, if not slightly chaotic vibe at the marina that we enjoy once and a while. And the town is very sweet. But for now, Florida here we come!
  2. Super video! Keep them coming! we'd like to know more about how you deal with adverse weather and speed and comfort. Do you wash down after a few snarly days at sea? etc.... Jim and Karen - Generals' Quarters.
    1. Hey GQ Crew - so glad you're enjoying the videos. Shoot us a note with any specific questions you may have about weather, speed and comfort. We'd be happy to share our ever-evolving theories on how we approach it all. As far as washdowns, after a wet day like we spent off the Jersey Coast, OLOH will get a very thorough desalinization, sometimes using just water, sometimes using a Salt Away solution. After a travel day in more sedate conditions where we don't take on any spray we will often just hose down the hull sides and stern and sometimes, if it's just a few quick overnights in a row, we'll spray down every few days. I always try to make sure the boat has had a good wash before leaving on any trip which makes shorter work of the day-to-day cleaning. Hope to see you out there!

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