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Southbound ’19 – The Wrap Up

OLOH’s Southbound ’19 Adventure took us from the Hudson Valley in New York to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina with a one month layover in Deltaville, Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay.  We had decided this year to make our trip south in a few phases so we could return to New York by car and enjoy some of the fall there before continuing with the journey.  We also felt that we’d enjoy the travel more by breaking up the trip this way and can happily report that we were absolutely right.  We love running the boat and the pace of moving from place to place that the migration brings, but it can also be exhausting and everyone needs to find the balance that works for them.  This worked well for us.

We travelled every day on Phase 1 but had a total of five lay days on Phase 2 due to weather and that was just fine with us.  As we have written about, we have committed to cruise only when believe conditions are good, not simply tolerable.  Once we were able to settle into that way of thinking (which required occasional reminders that we are truly not on a schedule with a need to be anywhere by a certain date) it really served to make the whole experience more relaxed and enjoyable for every being on board.

You can read all about our Southbound ’19 Adventure, leg-by-leg, by clicking here.

Here’s how the entire trip went, by the numbers…

Catskill, NY to Hilton Head, SC

Total Days:  22

Travel Days:  17

Average Daily Hours Underway:  6.5

Average Daily Miles:  67  (58 nm)

Total Miles Traveled:  1134  (985 nautical miles)

Fuel Used:  1213 gallons

Average MPG:  .94

Read about our plans for our continuing adventures here as we plan to visit some old haunts and good friends before making way for our beloved Stock Island Marina Village in Key West.

See you out there…


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  1. What a great way to move the OLOH. She sure looks sooo pretty. You have to be eststic with the MPG!!! Enjoy your stay in SC!! Peace and Love
    1. Yes - this pace definitely works for us. And yes - that mileage is pretty great (for a 60' motor yacht). Take out our long ocean day off the Jersey Coast where we were running at a faster speed for longer than usual and the average really jumps!
  2. I enjoyed your southbound adventure 19. it was informative and entertaining. Keep it coming. Happy holidays and may you only have calm seas.

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