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Southbound ’19 – Travel Day 1: Catskill, NY To Poughkeepsie, NY
Approaching the Walkway Over The Hudson and Mid-Hudson Bridges.

Southbound ’19 – Travel Day 1: Catskill, NY to Poughkeepsie, NY

Conditions: Mostly cloudy with occasional showers, heavy at time.  Winds North/Northeast 10 kts, river calm.

Distance traveled: 33.1 nautical miles (38 statute miles)

Time underway: 3 hours 30 minutes

Average Speed: 9.5 kts

Max Speed: 19.2 kts

Fuel used: 41 gallons

And we’re off!  After a fantastic summer basing OLOH out of the Hudson Valley the day had finally come where the stars seemed to be aligning to point the bow south.  Projects, trip prep and weather watching have monopolized most of our time over the past few weeks and with a favorable weather window staring at us we wrapped up the prep and projects and stuck to a departure plan.  As we wrote in our entry about this first leg of our next adventure, we watch for a great weather day to travel the entirety of the New Jersey coast in the Atlantic Ocean.  In a perfect world, it is the second or third day of a calming trend with a forecast of light west winds and mellow seas.  This storm season has been particularly volatile and that perfect pattern has yet to present itself.  But on the good advice of great boating friends and through our own due diligence we made the decision to take the leap.  The day we’ve chosen is the second of two good days with relatively calm seas forecast along with some sharper winds.  .

One last load of supplies and provisions and we are good to go. Jasper is pleased.  The Captain dons his Saba Rock Sunshine Shirt hoping to influence mother nature for the afternoon ahead.  It didn’t work.

We like to break up the trip down the Hudson River into two legs.  It’s good to have an initial short day to shake down the boat and we always try to avoid two very long days in a row (our Jersey Coast day will be twelve and a half hours).  With a relatively short first day (33 nautical miles) we didn’t feel any pressure to get underway too early.  Waiting a bit would also mean the current would play in our favor.  We also learned on the morning of our departure that the likelihood had increased that we’d be traveling in the rain at some point.

With everything loaded on board we were off the docks at around 12:20pm after a brief rain shower and on our way.  We started out piloting from the bridge but eventually the rain became an annoyance and visibility was hindered so we retreated to the comfort of the pilothouse (except for Jasper who preferred to snuggle in up top).

Quiet and calm on Catskill Creek as OLOH sets out for bold new adventures.
View from the helm. Soggy but still beautiful.
Esopus Light just south of Kingston, NY, one of three lighthouses we pass on this leg. Boaters be sure to honor this light as a green marker (to starboard when southbound, port when northbound) or you will find yourself in need of a tow.  See how calm it is to the right of the lighthouse?  That’s about a foot of water.
Approaching the Walkway Over The Hudson and Mid-Hudson Bridges.

Despite the rain it was a beautiful and easy trip down the river to Shadows Marina in Poughkeepsie.  As we approached the Mid-Hudson Bridge we rigged for a starboard tie as the current was running down the river at about 1.5 knots and it’s always best to dock into the current.  When we radioed the marina, Dockmaster Captain Keith asked us to set up for a port tie and dock with the current at the north end of the face dock.  While not preferable, we complied and the Admiral shifted all of the lines and fenders over (never an enjoyable last-minute task).  Docking with the strong current pushing us along was not fun but ultimately not an issue.  We could have just as easily spun around and landed in the same spot with a starboard tie so it’s difficult to understand the Dockmaster’s logic but there it is.  No harm no foul.

On approach to Shadows Marina.

Met the friendly crew from Freedom, a new boat to one of the couples on board. We were very excited for them experiencing the Hudson for the first time as they bring her home from where they purchased her in Syracuse, NY to Baltimore, MD.

It’s off to the world’s greatest city tomorrow – or at least past it – where we will stage for our big Jersey Coast day.  See you out there!


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  1. Nice, traveling safe. It my last day in P Town. Off to Boston for the weekend, then to Maine for two weeks then back To Key West on the 14th of October. Sorry our plan did not work out again this year. See you in Key West in a few Months xo
  2. Looks like you picked a good window for the NJ portion. That is a great pic of the bridge!! Safe and fun travel wishes !!! Peace and Love

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