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Southbound ’19 – Travel Day 5: More Chesapeake Treats In A Favorite Harbour
This is the kind of boating that makes us happy...

Southbound ’19 – Travel Day 5: More Chesapeake Treats In A Favorite Harbour

Conditions: Overcast with occasional light showers, cool then warmer.  Winds southeast 5-10 kts, seas 1′ or less.

Distance traveled: 62.5 nautical miles (72 statute miles)

Time underway: 6 hours 16 minutes

Average Speed: 10 kts

Max Speed: 16 kts

Fuel used: 84 gallons

It was an overcast and misty morning as we made our easy 8:30 departure from Chesapeake Inn Restaurant and Marina and returned to the C&D Canal for its remaining few miles.  We fought a 1.5 knot current for the first few hours of the day in the canal and upper portion of the Chesapeake until around 11:45am when it fully flipped in our favor and carried us down the bay with an extra knot or more of speed.

Remember Freedom? We met these boaters on day one of this trip back on the Hudson as they were bringing their new-to-them boat from Syracuse to Baltimore. They tied up across from us at Chesapeake Inn, now nearing the end of their journey, just one stop from their home. Bon Voyage Freedom!
Farewell quaint little Chesapeake City, we look forward to seeing you again!

Despite the clouds and occasional early drizzle, it was a great day of boating and a mellow Monday on the water.  We realize it’s a weekday in September but it still amazes us to be on a body of water like the Chesapeake and see so few boats on a relatively decent day.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is an impressive beast.

A spot of color on an overcast day – these massive, anchored ships began to dot the waterway as we got closer to our destination.
If you look at the bow of this ship, you’ll see she’s named the Handy Stranger…it’s almost a little creepy…and certainly gave us something to wonder about for a little while.
When we were about an hour away from our destination we spied our friends on Motor Yacht Alzero on our navigation display, showing them to be around four miles away. We last saw them in Key West where we met last year and it’s always fun to reconnect with fellow cruisers, even if by radio, in another place so far away (picture obviously not from a cloudy September day on the Ches). Great to see you Beth and Michael!
Lines at the ready we arrive at the narrow yet easily navigated entrance to Herrington Harbour South Marina.

We pulled into Herrington Harbour South Marina just before 3pm and it was good to be back.  This was a new discovery for us in the spring and is simply a wonderful, bucolic and protected place to stop.  The dockhand was busy settling in another boat so we pulled up to our slip unaided which, quite frankly, is typically just fine with us on a calm day like the one we had.  Jasper was happy to be back and knowingly guided our walk through the resort’s beautifully maintained property.

Our plan was to meet up with some friends for dinner who are from the area.  OLOH got a quick tidying and Jasper, knowing our energy when we get into “guest arrival mode” waited with his snout stuck out the pilothouse door as he kept watch for us.  When Tamika, Erica, Reece and Mateo arrived Jasper couldn’t wait until they got to the boat.

Jasper bringing the guests aboard!  No one was more excited to see our guests than Jasper, who, without permission dashed off the boat to greet them as they came down the dock. It’s hard to be upset with him when he’s just being sweet. Fortunately, the boys, who had never met him were unfazed by the 90-pound cannonball headed toward them.

Once again, our guests came laden with delicious treats – a few bottles of wine AND crab cakes and side dishes from a favorite restaurant of theirs called Jerry’s Place in Prince Frederick, Maryland.   It was so thoughtful, we were so thankful and we can’t wait to try them out.  We can’t believe our run of luck scoring all these crabcakes!   Regina and Noah arrived soon after and what was supposed to be one cocktail and then off to dinner turned into some great conversations, laughs and catching up.  We finally made it to dinner at Ketch 22, the terrific onsite restaurant.  They were almost ready to close when we arrived but they couldn’t have been more welcoming and we had a delicious meal.  Thanks, Ketch 22 for taking such good care of us.  And thanks to our fantastic friends for a fun and filling stop in Herrington Harbour.

This pic is titled, “Sorry to make you jealous Sunny.” Regina and Tamika couldn’t resist poking our friends Sunny and Manny who missed out on our fun night!
The lovely Erica and Tamika join us on the bridge for a sundown cocktail!
The last pic belongs to Noah! We gave the gang OLOH swag and Noah promised he’d wear his to school the next day – now he’s one of our youngest influencers! Thanks, buddy, you look awesome in that shirt.

As we make way to our final destination on phase one of our Southbound ’19 Adventure, we had originally planned to have a short run to Solomon’s Maryland next before getting to our last stop in Virginia.  With another great day of weather ahead, we’ve made the decision to forgo Solomons and get right to our October home in one long shot, so Deltaville – here we come!

See you out there!!


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