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A Very Different St. Patrick’s Day

A Very Different St. Patrick’s Day

OLOH is safely tied with her crew in Key West.  Like everyone, everywhere, we are confronting and evaluating everything related to the COVID-19 reality which, as we all know, is seemingly changing by the hour at this point.  Debates are continuous and evolving as to what the best plans are moving forward and we know that our thoughts will change again by this time tomorrow. While we had planned to return to New York by early May, things are obviously quite fluid and we have several contingencies.

The good news is we are very well provisioned and, being on a boat, relatively self-sufficient.  Other than the onsite restaurants, the marina and facility here are still fully operational at this time.  A few superyachts have been pulling into the marina including the just-arrived 260’ C2 owned by Ron Perelman, presumably on orders to get back to this country from Nevis while it is still possible and so it is accessible to his family.
The 260′ C2 arrives at Stock Island Marina Village.

Like everyone, we are speaking with our families regularly and doing what we must to stay safe and healthy.  Amidst it all, we are trying not to be all-consumed by what is out of our control and we are still able to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings along with the good weather we’ve been having.  There is also a wonderful and very smart community of cruisers here including good friends with whom we are in constant contact, sharing information and ideas.

Lastly, our thoughts go out to all of the incredible people working to treat and beat this virus, and to all those making sure our country stays safe and that the day-to-day services we all depend on continue as best as possible.  We are grateful to you all.

So, a very different St. Patrick’s Day and times, in general, indeed.
Please stay safe and we’ll keep in touch.

-Jasper, Tim and A.J. on OLOH
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  1. Happy St Patrick’s Day you two, All bars and restaurants are closed in Massachusetts. It’s like Christmas without Santa, presents and reindeer or Thanksgiving without turkey, pie and family. Michelle and I are looking to fly down on the 27th and help Scott bring Miss Meg back up to Shady Harbor Sunday. (I think Corporate Approved is planning to travel with us) Any thoughts about marinas staying open up the East coast? Especially thinking of fuel, we can provision for food ( and Titos) to make the trip just hate to get “stuck” somewhere especially if they cancel domestic flights. Hope to see you soon! Scott
    1. Thanks Scott! Strange days indeed. As far as marinas, a few in Florida that we're aware of have stopped taking reservations so it wouldn't be surprising if others followed suit. Best bet would be to monitor the ICW Cruising Facebook Page and, obviously, call the marinas directly. And, of course, you can always anchor out as long as you can get fuel. But what may be true one day could change the next. For the moment we are sitting tight and watching how things play out. Keep us posted and stay safe.
  2. Well glad you are all well. Happy St Patrick's day.... And yes, No body told me there would be days like these...always something happening but nothing going on... Be well Peace and Love

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