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“Chock” It Up To Good Luck

“Chock” It Up To Good Luck

As boaters we spend much of our time in pursuit of great destinations.  We also spend a great deal of time in pursuit of great solutions.  Our lists of projects are simply ongoing and, for many of us, our lists of wants and needs to enhance our time on the water are seemingly endless.  So when we find a great product that serves as a great solution we want to shout it from our boats’ hardtops (or at least pass along the knowledge in some more effective way).  Such was the case as we endeavored to carry One Love, our classic Boston Whaler, on OLOH’s bridge deck to use as our tender.  The chocks (cradles) that held our previous tender in place were not suited for the Whaler and finding a good solution was more challenging than we anticipated.  So when we ultimately had great success with a product from Versachock, we wanted to make sure everyone knew about this terrific option.

You’ve got to see how it all came together… and see the Admiral drill holes in our boat.  Click here for the complete story, now in our Projects Section.


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  1. Nice write-up, OLOH! We, too, upgraded from a RIB to a 13' Whaler, and went through the same hunt for a cradle that you did. We ended up with a $7,000 custom stainless cradle that I curse every time we put Killer (our Whaler) on or off the deck. The fabricator changed my original design, and then talked me into going with his design after he already had it 75% finished. I sure would have liked to have known about VersaChocks!
  2. A question about One Love: how do you like the fender(s) you have that hang over the gunwale? We've had our 13 Whaler bang into too many docks and have dinged up the rubrail rather badly. We've seen the fenders like you have, but don't know if they'd be easy to keep in place. Any thoughts? Thanks!
    1. Hey Butch - That's a great looking Whaler you have on Smartini! It's easy to understand the cult. Sorry your cradle has been an issue. We would have loved to have done something custom but so glad we found Versachock for a fraction of the cost. They've really been the perfect solution. As far as the fenders go, they're great for the Whaler. We have a single line that runs under the bench seats which is tied to a fender at each end. The length of the line is such that they both hang perfectly in place when deployed over the gunwale. Hope that helps!

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