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OLOH Gear – Yacht Controller

Now in our Projects section, a write-up on OLOH’s Yacht Controller.

Watching boats pull into a dock is a major marine spectator sport. People love to stand around and watch yachts and boats maneuver into their slips. Add close quarters along with some wind and current to the mix and the armchair captains on the dock get particularly excited. Without question, for most boat operators, docking can be the most stressful part of the experience. And this is a part of boating where we are big believers in the phrase, “use every tool in the toolbox.”

That’s why the addition of a Yacht Controller wireless remote control docking system was one of the first upgrades we made to OLOH and is something we find invaluable in helping our docking process go as smoothly as possible. What exactly does the Yacht Controller do? How do we use it? Is it really more than just a super-cool gadget (and it really is super-cool)?  You’ve got to read this story to get the answers and to see video of OLOH’s Yacht Controller in action.

Click here for the full story.


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