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Northbound ’19 – Travel Day 20: Hampton, VA to Deltaville, VA

Conditions: Overcast and cool (56°).  Winds E 15 – 20 mph, seas 2-3-4′ then 1′ swells.

Distance traveled: 49 statute miles

Time underway: 4 hours 26 minutes

Average Speed: 9.5 kts

Max Speed: 13 kts

Fuel used: 54 gallons

We elected to delay our departure from Hampton as the high winds and waves on the Chesapeake were forecast to lay down a bit as the day wore on.  We got off the dock easily enough and made our way out of the channel from Bluewater Yachting Center.  Once we cleared the channel and began making our way east out towards the base of the Chesapeake, we were headed right into the wind and the waves started to stack up.  Two footers became three footers which became occasional four footers the further east we traveled and the waves were close together.   We were shooting a waypoint still four miles ahead when it started to get uncomfortable and Jasper started to get unnerved.  Decision time.  We needed to figure out a way to quickly make things better even if it meant turning around and returning to Hampton.  After a quick captains’ consult, we decided to edge to the north sooner than planned to see how we would fare (if you look at our track above you’ll see where we looped back towards shore).   Fortunately, we fared fine and while we endured a salty ride for a time, our stabilizers performed brilliantly, Jasper started to relax and things eventually laid down well enough for what was ultimately a decent ride to our next destination.

Nice and calm here in the basin pre-departure. And we’re still smiling at this point.
A gray day on the Chesapeake Bay, Cap’n Scott at the helm.
We didn’t get the name of this tall ship (Captain Sean, do you know?) Seeing one out on the water feels a little “discovering the new world” and it always reminds us of just how comfortable we are, even when we are feeling a little uncomfortable.
With the seas calmed down, the Admiral worked diligently on a project (yes he’s still on the boat!) while Captain Scott kept a good eye out and Captain A.J. reviewed the plans for the next few days on the water.

Dozier’s Regatta Point Marina is a place we really enjoyed on our last southbound trip, mostly thanks to Jimmy Mackey who is one of the nicest guys on the waterway.  Great floating docks, a beautiful piece of property in a peaceful area and loaner cars also make it terrific.  As this was our first time coming through this area in April, we didn’t know what to expect and it is still a very quiet time of year at the very early end of their season. [Cruisers Notes:  As you get closer to the Deltaville harbor channel and in many of the nearby areas, particularly with less than 30 feet of depth, crab pots abound, so be sure to keep a sharp lookout  The entry channel to the harbor is well marked and straight forward but be sure not to stray as it quickly shoals on the edges.  Their is a recent USACE survey at the time of this writing which shows what to expect and is worthwhile seeking out to understand the bend of the channel].

Approaching the face dock at Regatta Point Marina.  Still a lot of empty slips this time of year.

A much-needed walk for Jasper and the crew around the marina.

One of the mottos we live by on OLOH is Carpe Diem… If Carpe Diem means “seize the day”, does Carpe Carp mean “seize the fish!?” Oh, Koi…

We plan to make just two more stops on the Chesapeake.  If we were doing the reverse of our southbound float plan from our last time on the bay we would be going to Solomons, Maryland next, but we’re looking to try something new.

See you out there…


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