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Seas and Greetings And a Plan

Prior to the beginning of the Adventures Of OLOH, our boating life was measured in seasons that played out with great predictability:

1)  Wait out the seemingly endless winter.

2) Commission the boat in April so we could be among the “first in.” End up sitting on the boat, often in cold weather, not being able to use it because of the early spring winds and debris that make our local northeast waters hazardous.

3) Finally, thoroughly enjoy the season with as many weekends away as possible along with a few weeks of actual cruising.  Stay in as long as possible to avoid the inevitable.

4) The inevitable – winterize, shrink-wrap, repeat.

Pre-OLOH: There were usually at least a few mid-winter visits to our shrink-wrapped baby. And yes, we went on board and sat up in the bridge in the cold with a couple of drinks which seemed to quell our anticipation, a bit.

When we purchased OLOH almost three and a half years ago we weren’t sure what to expect.  We had the luxury of immense flexibility versus boating seasons where the balance of time was much more of a science.  What we never anticipated was putting the boat away for a time longer than we had ever stored a boat before.  But no one predicted what 2020 would bring.  And here we are, nearly nine months since putting OLOH to bed.  We are eagerly anticipating our return but that is strongly tempered with trepidation and uncertainty given the dire state of the pandemic.  However, we do have a plan.

The Plan:

Shortly after 2021 commences, we’ll hop in a car and drive straight to OLOH which has been hibernating in indoor, climate-controlled storage in central Florida.  Because we had no idea how long we’d be gone, we thoroughly emptied the pantry (and much of the liquor cabinet) along with every roll of TP and PT aboard (remember that shortage?).  We’ll essentially be moving everything we removed back on board so our rental SUV will once again be loaded to the brim.

Not a square (foot) to spare when we left OLOH in April.

The plan is for the yard to splash OLOH on the morning of our arrival.  We didn’t want her going in before the holidays in the event that we wish to adjust our plans, something we will continue to reserve the right to do up to the day we arrive.  While OLOH was sitting still “on the hard” we did have quite a bit of work taken care of including the tuning of her props and shafts.  As a result of that work, OLOH needs to settle in the water for at least twenty-four hours before the requisite engine alignment, so we’ll have at least a full day at the marina to settle in and test systems and will take more time as necessary.

OLOH having a “Spa Day” before being tucked away.

Assuming good weather and everything being ready to go on the boat, we then hope to head out and make a run to the Florida Keys over a few days.  We’ll probably have a relatively short run on our first day out which is when we’ll do a shakedown and be sure everything is as it should be before heading out into the Gulf Of Mexico on our way south.  Before heading into the Gulf we will pass through the area near Pine Island Sound which is one of our favorite cruising grounds anywhere.  We would love to spend some time enjoying the area but, at the moment, we are feeling compelled to just settle into our winter life in a quiet spot which we plan to do in a COVID-free pod with two dear friends who will be off our stern on their boat.  So a different season is ahead for sure, but one we believe will be well worth the effort, despite the challenges.

After spending the last three years as a snowbird-dog, Jasper was recently reacquainted with winter. He loves the snow, but we think he loves to swim even more.

We’re really looking forward to feeding our growing YouTube channel with new content as we take it all in and we look forward to having you along for the ride.

We recently looked back at our first holiday greeting post from a few years ago where we offered this wish which still stands…

May you be able to follow your bliss, if not every day, at least as often as possible.

Our further wish for you as we close out this remarkably challenging year is that you are finding happiness and feeling even moderately encouraged as the dim light at the end of the tunnel begins to glow brighter.  It has been a difficult time for all and a devastating, life-altering time for so many.  It has furthered our resolve to take nothing for granted, keep things firmly in perspective and do our damndest to find joy in every moment possible.   We hope you are able to do the same.

Seas and Greetings, good health, and all wonderful things in the New Year from the OLOH Crew.


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And that concludes your OLOH instructions. M/Y OLOH back to 1-6


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  1. I enjoy reading your travel blogs, makes me want to be cruising. I love in Abaco, Bahamas and if your travel bring you this way stop in and say hello.
  2. Glad to hear you have plans to travel soon. This has been a devastating year, made particularly difficult for us because we lost our special needs son in April. After doing some soul searching, we decided to buy a bigger boat and, as soon as possible, start doing some longer travels. We had also planned to take our children and grandchildren to Chub for the week after Christmas, but the weather is not cooperating, so we will be going to Marathon and Key West instead. Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a much anticipated NEW Year! Hope to see you on our travels.

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