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Giving and Sending Thanks

Thanksgiving.  It is a holiday we look forward to every year.  As part of our tradition, we gather in our land home with A.J.’s family for a long weekend of cooking, laughing, occasionally bursting into song (Alice’s Restaurant for one) and long chats about life by a roaring fireplace.  Books and newspapers are everywhere.  Dogs sprawl, ruling the couches and cats rule everything else, including the dogs.  At any given snapshot the scene is like a cover of the Saturday Evening Post with a twist of modern living.  In the early morning, the six-burner gas stove and two ovens fire up and rarely lose their heat the entire weekend.  We make a lot of food.  One traditional turkey and one smoked turkey and scratch biscuits, both cheddar and pepper, are a mainstay.  Three kinds of stuffing that eventually get turned into pancakes with eggs over easy smothered in leftover gravy.  Scrumptious homemade pumpkin pies, pecan pie, and a too-rich-for-words chocolate pecan pie become part of breakfast if any is left.  Roasted brussel sprouts, cranberry dressing, garlic mashed potatoes and Hasselback potato gratin.  Everyone’s favorites.  And a lot of great wine and spiced beverages.  Needless to say, overindulgence is overlooked.  Although every day is a day to be thankful, it is a time that all of us reflect on the people in both of our lives – family and friends who keep us grounded and sane.  We also remember family and friends who have left us much too soon and give thanks for having been able to have loved them and been loved by them.  And we are grateful for our good fortune to all have each other.  Loss and the acknowledgment that life is precious is a grounding force in how we live our lives.

Our home for Thanksgiving this particular year – Beaufort, NC

For this particular year, the first we owned OLOH, as timing would have it, we began our journey south later than we had hoped.  After soul-searching, looking at logistics and timing we made the difficult decision to spend Thanksgiving on our boat, just the three of us.  Jasper was not happy.  The family was naturally disappointed but incredibly gracious, understanding and supportive.  We also decided that we would find a place to eat out because we don’t yet have an oven and most things on my menu need one.  Two weeks prior to Thanksgiving we got the great news that Captain Pauly (peace and love) would be joining us for a stint (he has a great blog post if you haven’t read it).  His plan was to head home the Monday before Thanksgiving and spend the holiday on land until we got a phone call from his other half, Jojo Beans, with a  proclamation!  She would be taking a thirteen-hour drive with their pup and Jasper’s best friend, Lady, down the coast to spend Thanksgiving with us on board OLOH in Beaufort, North Carolina. 

After 13 hours on the road, Jojo Beans leaps out of her car with a “Happy Thanksgiving I’m here!” We were happy and thankful!!

Jojo is an incredible spirit who isn’t afraid of a little adventure.  She’s a nurturer and an incredible mom to her two grown kids and though she is like a big sister to us, she can even mother us a little bit!  She’s also very intuitive and knowing how much we would be missing our Hudson Valley Thanksgiving she didn’t want us to spend our first holiday on the boat without family.  We became friends with them at our marina many years ago and they quickly became family.  We laugh hard and often.  We share stories of our families’ trials and tribulations, accomplishments and joys and we shed tears together.  You don’t get better friends than these two.  They are the type of folks who will do anything for you with love and never ask for anything in return… Well, there is one thing Jojo will ask for well in advance…a shopping list!  She is a consummate planner.  The minute after her proclamation she wanted her shopping list from me.  It was at that moment when I decided to throw common sense to the wind and take the challenge of cooking Thanksgiving on the boat in our galley that remains to be refit…with a three burner cooktop and a Cuisinart toaster oven.  After all, the pilgrims didn’t have either of those things and they figured it out.

Jojo’s shopping list was detailed and included a fresh turkey between ten and twelve pounds (after eyeballing the interior of the toaster oven, I felt like it would fit) and she nailed every item.  After much anticipation, Jojo and Lady arrived in a car laden with groceries.  It was quite a happy reunion for Jasper and Lady and after some good hugs, arrival beverages and appetizers the meal planning began.

Arrival apps: In the back, a tuna tartar from fresh, local tuna on a bed of marinated, shredded carrots and homemade wontons, topped with scallions and jalapenos and a soy, citrus and agave drizzle. In the front, homemade stuffed wontons with leftover fried chicken, honey barbecue and crumbled gorgonzola cheese filling with a chipotle ranch drizzle and Annette’s famous and scrumptious pepper-butter (thanks, Annette!).
Three OLOH Margaritas and a one Jojo OLOH (vodka and seltzer — pronounced SELT ZA by Jojo) to celebrate the arrival.

Turkey.  Stuffing.  Sweet potato pie.  Hasselback Potato Gratin.  Brussel sprouts.  Scratch biscuits and gravy.  Pecan pie.  All the cooking happened in stages and the toaster oven performed flawlessly.  Paul was my sous chef and A.J. DJ’d, of course, while he and Jojo took care of the cleanup after each dish was created and set the table.  As always we were an excellent team. 

Let the cutting begin! Roasted turkey on a bed of fresh herbs, a little Kerrygold butter under the skin, kosher salt rub on the inside and a touch of olive oil on the skin. Easy peesy! Cuisinart was set at 400 degrees for the first hour and then dropped to 350 degrees. Cook time was 3.5 hours.
Stuffing with sauteed baby-bella mushrooms, onions, garlic and celery with smoked trout, goat cheese and toasted sage.
Thinly sliced brussel sprouts with sauteed mushrooms and garlic, crispy turkey bacon with a drizzle of truffle oil and a dash of smoked salt.
Hasselback potato gratin in Kerrygold butter rubbed ramekins. Scalloped potatoes soaked in greek yogurt, grated parmesan cheese, fresh thyme and heavy cream then arranged in dishes and topped with gruyere cheese, black truffle salt and fresh sage and then baked at 350 degrees for one hour with a few minutes under broiler to brown top.
Sweet potato pie with pecans, brown sugar, Kerrygold butter with a bourbon glaze and a sprinkle of ginger nutmeg sugar.
The spread. The scratch biscuits and gravy were made with the drippings from the turkey. A simple trick is to use a cocktail shaker to make the gravy. Start with half a shaker of cold water and add cracked pepper and salt if needed.  Add three or four tablespoons of flour to the water then shake, shake, shake that shaker, make your gravy now.  (There’s a song somewhere in there!)  It gives you a nice, lump-free gravy thickener.
While it would have been nice to dine up top on the bridge, cooler temperatures warranted setting up on the aft-deck which was actually perfect given its proximity to our aft galley.

It is rare for me not to be critical of my food.  I am constantly striving to make something a little better.  So when I tell you that my toaster oven turkey was one of the best turkeys I’ve ever made, I tell you that humbly and THANKFULLY!  Each dish turned out terrifically and I realized that while all the bangles and beads of a modern kitchen and fantastic appliances sure make life easier, when you are surrounded by people you love, have a little creativity and beautiful, fresh food, anything is possible.  There’s also a little gem that I can’t live without and use for everything — my Victorinox classic paring knife with serrated edge.  I’m not one to wax fantastic about sharp objects but I love that little knife.  It’s the perfect helper and you can get them online for about seven bucks.  It’s a must-have in my galley.

You’ll fall in love with this little red beauty!

We will never be able to appropriately express our thanks to Jojo, Paul and Lady for making our first Thanksgiving on OLOH so incredible and memorable.  But, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank them.  And, we thank our families back home who continue to love and support this new journey on OLOH.  To you who reads our blog, posts comments, shares the love of boating or food or adventure, we are thankful for you as well.  We wish you a wonderful holiday season, whatever or however you may celebrate, and can’t wait to send more good stuff your way.  Safely spend time with your families and friends.  Don’t be afraid to tell them you love and cherish them.  Be kind and compassionate.  Remember those who are in need.  And remember that you are all a part of what’s beautiful about the whole human race…   Until we eat again, slainté — your seefaring Admiral

Even though they didn’t get any turkey, the afterglow of the feast was contagious.


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  1. Beautiful words from a wonderful Admiral, the Captain, and Jasper who we adore! Pauly and Lady which whom I have met and love and can't wait to meet Jo Jo and I'm sure will soon. Thank you for the reminder of what is most important⚓️Capt. M, Capt. Gene, Alex, and Maxy
  2. JoJo Beans and I had the stars align that first time we met you guys. Since then the four of us, now the six of us, have become as close as any 6 beings possibly can be. Thanksgiving on OLOH was glorious! She is a very fine vessel and you guys have made her yours in many different and great ways. We have shared many festivities together so I should not be amazed anymore by the food that Tim turns out every time, but I am. He is a wizard in the galley, somehow always making magic. The Thanksgiving food he prepared was fit for a King!! Thanks guys for letting us share the first Thanksgiving on OLOH. No matter how many family or friends are on board, the unity feeling and song coming from your new home is truly One Love One Heart. We Love you guys, thanks...oh and Peace and Love to all!!
  3. It's kind of hard to write with teary eyes. Thank you for the memory. As my dear friend would say, it's nice to have family that are friends and friends that are family. Our hope is that everyone finds time to be thankful for what they have. Peace and Love Pauly
  4. Wishing you and your families a great Thanksgiving Holiday!! I am sure it will be a day of great food ... happy pets...great food... memories and of course great food. Ours always is! After watching this video we decided the Oster had a hell of a workout ... and passed with seemingly flying colors!! The food looks delicious and the photography was great...very well done. Sometimes hard to shoot food to its best vantage...we know we ... did it for a living for 30 years! Our kudos to the chef and the photographer!! Hope you are on the water soon...real soon!! As always, our very very best to you both and of course Jasper!!!

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