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OLOH TV – Back Out Cruising! LaBelle To Fort Myers

After a nine month absence, settling back into life on board is much more than attending to a list of tasks.  It’s returning to a state of mind and important routines that help ensure smooth and safe cruising.  As we discovered, and as you will see in this video, there are things that will inevitably slip your mind.  But that doesn’t have to take away from having a great time and all of the joy that comes with being back underway!

Join us for our first cruise of the new season where you’ll also get what we hope is an interesting and helpful primer on locking through on Florida’s Okeechobee Waterway…


You can also read all about this leg of our adventure by clicking here.

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  1. Just found you. Been binge watching your YouTube channel. Glad you are back on the water. Enjoy!
  2. Just discovered your adventures last night and watched all your videos until 4:30 am. Jasper is so cool ! How about opening up those engines, full throttle, and let’s see what she can do ?
  3. Just found you, binge watching at night and at work (don't tell my boss). I did what you have been doing between 1984 and 1994. We have been ALL the same places, and it brings me back to a much happier time in my life. Something about watching your stuff centers me in a way that I didn't think possible!!!!! Many Thanks
    1. Thank you so much for your kind words - we're so glad we could take you on that journey. Given the technology and crowd-sourced information that is just a part of our cruising today, we always marvel at the navigating that was done back in the day. Yes, we could get by with a chart and a compass, but at the rate the ICW shifts we understanding why grounding was the expectation, not the exception. You must have some, as they say, mad skills. Cheers!
      1. The 1st boat i did the ICW in from Annapolis to Fort Lauderdale was 53' Hatteras owned by John Glenn. Yes it was interesting back then, doing it old school. Do you have any videos of any of your Long Island sound travels? Block Island, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, CuttyHunk, Port Jefferson etc. Cape Cod. I spent a ton of time cruising the sound. Many fond memories. I also spent a couple of years running the big dinner boats out of of Pier 62 Manhattan for World Yacht. I was 20 and the youngest female captain in NYC. It was 1986!!!
        1. What an awesome story! We hope you have documented it somewhere (at a minimum, it would make a great blog for sure). Unfortunately, other than during our delivery shakedown of OLOH which we purchased on the Long Island Sound in Connecticut, we haven't been back in that area for general cruising. We did ply those waters extensively on our previous boats but didn't document things the way we do now. The last time we were north with OLOH we fully expected to get back out there but we just weren't able to make it. However, we shall return and when we do we look forward to sharing our experience. Cheers!
  4. Hi! We connected a month ago and mentioned we are headed south to the Keys. Do you have any idea how long it takes to cruise in a motor yacht from Largo to Islamirada going avg of 20 knots? Thanks guys and hope to make it to Key West!
    1. Hi Teresa! It took us around four hours to travel the 35 nautical miles between Ocean Reef in Key Largo and Plantation Yacht Harbor in Islamorada so we would guess it would take you around 2.5 hours depending on your specific start and end points, weather and which side you're taking (Ocean or Bay). You can see the details of that leg of our travels by clicking here. If you don't have the Navionics Boating app, it has an auto route function which is a great tool for planning and calculating (you should obviously always plot your own routes). We find it immensely helpful. Please let us know if there's anything we can help out with.
  5. Hi, I really like you videos on your boating adventures. I just wonder what kind of headset you are using, I´ve been looking for a similar type but cant find any. Regards Mats
    1. Hi Mats - Thanks so much for your kind words. We use and love Eartec’s UltraLITE UL2S headsets. You can check out our full writeup on them by clicking here.

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