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OLOH TV – Cruising To Kingston

OLOH TV – Cruising To Kingston

We recently had what we call a “local” and it was spectacular.  A “local” for us is when we get away on our boat without straying too far from our home port – usually fewer than twenty-five miles, getting away for just a few nights.  It’s always great to run the boat – for us and for OLOH – and we had some spectacular summer weather we were required to take advantage of 😎.  We had the pleasure of cruising with our friends on Scholarship, their beautiful Mainship trawler, and we were joined on OLOH by the crew of Cabo Waboat who you may remember (or can read about) from the tail end of our most recent northbound adventure.

With extra hands on board we had the ability to fulfill a request we’ve received from a number of our readers – to show in detail what it’s like aboard OLOH when we’re getting ready to depart and while we’re underway (and how Jasper really participates).  So rather than write about our cruise down the Hudson River to Rondout Yacht Basin on the Rondout Creek in Kingston, NY, here’s the first in what will be an ongoing series of long-form videos.  Hopefully you’ll really feel like you’re along for the ride!


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And that concludes your OLOH instructions. M/Y OLOH back to 1-6.

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  1. Nice run, well done (cool music too). But those "6 foot seas", strong wind and fast current cetianly made it challenging! ;-)

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